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Marjorie T. Anderson

Website: mtawatercolors.com
Email: mtanderso@gmail.com:

Marjorie Terburg Anderson's interest in art began by watching her mother, a 'Fine China' artist and 
instructor, however;  she didn't begin painting in earnest until most of her children were grown.
In 1980 Marjorie created, produced, and sold a children's game, "Choose A Way To Happiness".
Connie Neiman was the artist for the game board. This adventure triggered Marjorie's further interest
in art . In 1989 she began painting watercolors exclusively, which she loves for all the wonderful and
exciting reasons every watecolorist knows. Marjorie is a signature member of the Utah Watercolor 
Society, served on the board, and exhibited in juried shows, as well as state and county fairs and the
Murray City Arts exhibition.  She has studied with many local and national professionals and graduated
from Brigham Young University with a BS in Education. .