2017-2018 UWS Board Members
(For contact information please use the UWS directory.)

President - Jennifer Love

Vice President - Julie Ickes

Recording Secretary - Julie Hopkins

Communications - Mary Pusey

Publicity / Social Media
     Becky Hartvigsen (Social Media)
     Jennifer Love (Social Media helper)
     Julie Ickes (Social Media helper)

Newsletter Editor - Mary Pusey

Membership Chair - Art Sleeper

Exhibitions Chair - Barbara Kidd (Exhibition Chair)
     Art Sleeper (Small Works 2017)
     Mary Pusey (Fall 2017)
     Roxane Pfister (2 Star/Signature - Jan 2018)
     Catherine Hostetter (Hospitality)
     Terrece Beesley (Exhibitions committee - Image editing)

Education Programs Co-Chairs - Linda Flannery, Emily Thomas

Hospitality Committee - Maggie Harrison, Margo Cook, Crystal Dunn

One Star/Two Star/Signature - Roxane Pfister

Mini Workshops Co-Chairs - Lori Burchinal, Sandy Sleeper

Paint Outs - Blaine Clayton, Neena Plant-Henninger

Past President / WFWS Alternate - Ann Galt

WFWS Delegate - Colleen Reynolds

Bookkeeper - Cynthia Hepworth

Webmaster - Beckie Rock

Website Review - Allan Wood

UWS-CVC President - Kent Baker

Scholarship - Tom Howard

Arts and the Park / Committee - Maura Naughton

Archives - Ann Galt
     Archives helper - Kelly Holtman

A/V for meetings and workshops - Linda Sorensen

UWS WFWS 2021 Host Year Committee Co-Chairs -
Kristi Grussendorf, Maura Naughton
          Committee -
               Jennifer Love
               Ann Galt
               Steve Sheffield

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The Utah Watercolor Society (UWS) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of art through water media, by holding monthly educational meetings,
providing workshop and paint out opportunities, and by sponsoring water media exhibitions. Information and links on this site do not necessarily constitute specific endorsement or sponsorship by UWS.