UWS Past Workshops - 2016

Alterations: How to become a better critic of our own work. 

I recently (April 2016) saw the Degas mono print exhibition at the MOMA in NYC and was impressed by the way Degas worked. He started by making several sketches of the same image.  He used the sketches to make a mono print, and then made a painting from the mono print.  Using the painting as information for more sketches, another mono print, and a second painting, the creative cycle was repeated each time losing some of the information about the original model, but gaining something in its place. The images become more about making art and less about the flesh and blood of the model or the photographic likeness of an image.

In this workshop I would like to explore creative and destructive possibilities to create new art using one idea or inspiration. We will alter one photographic image again and again. Then we will work from our altered image to create new images. This is challenging work because I will be asking you to embrace the idea of destruction. Through our work we will be discussing how to become a better critic of our own work.

Willamarie Huelskamp
March 17 - 18, 2017
9am - 4pm
Sons of Utah Pioneers
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Willamarie Huselskamp Red Dress
Red Dress by Wilamarie Huelskamp

Jeannie Millecam

Jeannie Millecam
Line and Wash Workshop
January 20-21, 2017
Sons of Pioneers Building (map)
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Focus on different ways to approach line and watercolor wash using a  variety of tools and mediums.
Jeannie Millecam
Mini Workshop
Variations on a Theme
Why Paint the same thing over & over?
Sue Martin 
Nov. 18-19, 2016 

Sons of Pioneers Building (map
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Sue Martin EscalanteEscalante by Sue Martin
2016 Fall Member Workshop with Iain Stewart
From Sketchbook to Studio - Painting Light in Watercolor
Oct 3-7, 2016
Iain Stewart
Iain StewartBoatyards to Drawbridge, Iain Stewart

Mini Workshop
Variations on a Theme

Visual Vibrations Through Watercolor Paint
September 23-24, 2016

Live Models. Develop your portrait skills
Bruce Robertson and Shelley Redford-Young will team teach to make this a rich portrait experience. .

MeridethMerideth, Shelly Redford-Young
Bev Jozwiak
Painting Life with Life
Spring 2016, May 2-6, 2016

Bev Jozwiak, AWS, NWS

Well, Bev Jozwiak and her husband, Bob, made it home to Vancouver, WA safe and sound and in time for Mother’s Day. Thanks so much to Bev for a wonderful week of laying thick paint on hot press, concentrating on shapes more than objects, incorporating the background and foreground into the painting process, and, of course, value…there is always a dark side and a light side. Bev painted ballet dancers, a cow, a cowboy, a young, black girl, a crow, a rooster, and her daughter with her dog. Just about all her demos sold. In fact, we were her best selling workshop. In addition, Bev demonstrated her skill at our May Members Meeting. This painting immediately sold as well. Thanks, Bev! 

If you did not get her book, here is a link for you: www.chrisunwin.net 

UWS has purchased her DVD. If you would like to borrow it, contact Cindy Hepworth: cindyjhep@gmail.com

Steeped in Tradition IIISteeped in Tradition III, Bev Jozwiak
Roland Lee
March 18-19, 2016

This workshop is designed to help artists become better interpreters of the landscape by learning to see what nature does to catch our attention.  Our role is not to duplicate nature but to create new images based on our personal experiences.

Cool Silents Spike Ress
Catherine Darling Hostetter
February 19-20
Learn how to use your imagination to personalize and add the unexpected to your watercolor style. Catherine focuses on animals and people in her artwork and often combines them with a whimsical twist. You will learn how let go and use your imagination with fun exercises. Follow your inspiration; where even the most traditional artist can incorporate creative ideas into their style!
Catherine Darling Hostetter

Spike Ress Workshop
January 22, 23, 2016
Spike will be sharing his vast knowledge of good composition, laying a solid foundation, how to determine what you are seeing in nature and how to interprete what you see into your painting.  He will also share his understanding of both positive & negative shapes, plus how to balance warm & cool colors to create a visually cohesive painting.  Two amazing days of instruction, guidance and fun!  

Cool Silents Spike RessCool Silents by Spike Ress



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