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What does the future hold for UWS?

In my last message, I talked of our future…of our need to look within the community to strengthen that future. I asked you to share your thoughts. Here are (edited) emails I received:

• As someone brand new to watercolor, I can say that UWS is intimidating. There are so many professional-semi professional artists. Everyone seems to have such a history with each other. It's not as approachable as it could be...Especially for a younger audience.

• The exhibitions, for instance, are almost always full of and won by professional artists. People ask me every time if I am going to enter something, but why would I? I can't compete with professionals and artists with many years of experience. Has there been any thought given to an amateur category, such as the Cache Valley Chapter did for its winter exhibition? It might be a start for people who would like to participate but feel they have no chance as it stands now.

• I like the direction of the Spring Exhibition with the free classes for teens. (The Utah Cultural Celebrations Center has asked UWS to provide instructors for classes during the first week of the Spring Exhibition.) It seems like we could seek out more opportunities to reach the public and teach some basics of painting, and show how fun it is. At other local exhibitions maybe? Such as the Home show, or anything art oriented that happens locally (I am sorry to say I cant think of any other examples). Maybe this would be a good place to spend some of our funds, getting more people interested in painting. More outreach oriented. More hands on. Speaking at local schools, colleges.

• If we just spend our time preaching to the choir and not seeking out new members and cultivating new interest, the group will eventually whither.

• Seems like the really successful watercolor artists in Utah kind of stay away (from being more involved in the Utah Watercolor Society.) WHY?. . .read more


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