UWS 2017 Two-Star/Signature Exhibition Award Winners

UWS 2017 Two-Star/Signature Exhibition
Jan 2018 – Eccles Community Art Center

Becky Hartvigson_HartvNightFlight 2

Becky Hartvigsen – Best of Show “Night Flight”

Kristi Grussendorf – Award of Excellence “Working Girls”
Dianne Adams – Award of Merit “Carins”
Barbara Kidd – Award Of Merit “Torc Falls in Killarney”
Maurice Wiberg – Juror’s Award “Hidden Pass Lake Powell”
Sherry Meidell – Juror’s Award “Greeting the Morning”
Mary Pusey – Juror’s Award “Orange Lilies”
Jeanne Hansen – Honorable Mention “Southern Utah Whisper”
Barbara Kidd – Honorable Mention “End of Fall”
Maura Naughton – Honorable Mention “Old Torrey Schoolhouse”
Tom Howard – Merchant’s Award “Lost Creek”
Irene Rampton – Merchant’s Award “Young and Naïve”
Maggie Harrison – Merchant’s Award “Mother and Child”
Roxane Pfister – Merchant’s Award “Guardian”

View Winning Entries here

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