UWS 2018 Spring Exhibition Award Winners

2018 Spring Open Exhibition Awards

Best of Show:   “What a Girl Wants” by Kristi Grussendorf

kristi grussendorf_what a girl wants_with label

Award of Excellence:  “Becoming of Age” by Mariko Kowalski
Award of Excellence:  “HI’er Than the Rockies” by Jeffrey Johnson
Award of Merit:  “Goose Egg” by Kathy Sutherland
Award of Merit:  “Reaching” by Diane Asay
Award of Merit:  “The Waiting” by Gayle Allen
Juror’s Award:  “Reflection” by Alisa LaPorte
Juror’s Award:  “Zion Narrows” by Roland Lee
Juror’s Award:  “Pleasant Street” by Robert Chamberlin
Juror’s Award:  “Spring on Park Avenue” by Mary Pusey
Past Presidents Award:  “Spring’s Long Wait” by Deena Millecam
Merchant Award:  “Albion” by Bruce Robertson
Merchant Award:  “Concrete Moses: by Ruth Nichols
Merchant Award:  “Moon Shadow” by James Brown
Merchant Award:  “Wolf Watchers”  by Sherry Meidell


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