RECAP: Carl Purcell Mini Workshop

“Painting the Patterns of Nature” was our mini workshop in September.  Carl is a fabulous teacher and we learned so much.  He taught us how to see and respond to patterns in nature. We learned in three steps how to have a painting that appeared loose, realistic and unified.   He is also very motivating and a very nice person to boot.  Thank you Carl!  ~ Julie Ickes, UWS President 2018-2019

UWS September 2018 Mini Workshop RECAP
Painting the Patterns of Nature with Carl Purcell
As a native of Utah, Carl Purcell’s love of Utah landscapes and the west show through in each of his paintings. Carl demonstrated how to “decide on our visual idea and then decide where to place it” to make one area be the dominant feature. Unifying patterns, shapes, values, lines and texture to make that idea become the focal point of the painting. He showed us how to use the elements in a photo and rearrange them to make the composition work better. Talking about lost and found edges, areas of dominance and contrast, Carl reinforced the basics of painting in an easy to listen way. The 2-day workshop ended way too quickly.
“The subject alone will not make a painting – it’s the arrangement of values that make it work.” ~ Carl Purcell

Visit Carl’s website

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