WFWS History & Signature Status


WFWS (Western Federation of Watercolor Societies)

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The Utah Watercolor Society (UWS) is a Member of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS). This allows our UWS members to enter the annual WFWS exhibition.

WFWS Signature Status

WFWS Signature Membership Status is obtained by participating in three WFWS exhibitions.  (NOTE: Being accepted in WFWS also counts toward the UWS Signature Status requirement of being accepted to eight different UWS qualifying exhibitions.)

UWS Members who have achieved WFWS SIGNATURE MEMBERSHIP status:
Dianne Adams

Osral Allred *
Joyce Baron
Terrece Beasley
Brienne Brown
Lynda Burruss
Kristi Grussendorf
Jeanne Hansen
Laurel Hart
Kazuko Hill
Lola Kartchner
Paige Kimball
Jossy Lownes
Nancy Maxfield Lund
Sherry Meidell
Dottie Miles
Maura Naughton
Carl Purcell
Mary Pusey
Irene Rampton
Spike Ress
Steve Sheffield
Kathy Sutherland


WFWS History

The New Mexico Watercolor Society formed the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS) some 30 years ago, through the foresight and work of Dr. David Gale (1915-1980).  Today, the Federation includes over 4,500 artists in ten regional societies:

Arizona Watercolor Association

Colorado Watercolor Society

Idaho Watercolor Society

Nevada Watercolor Society

New Mexico Watercolor Society

San Diego Watercolor Society

Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild

Southwestern Watercolor Society

Utah Watercolor Society

Watercolor Society of Oregon

West Texas Watercolor Society

The Federation encourages and recognizes artistic excellence through annual exhibitions.  The yearly exhibition and delegates meeting is hosted by a regional member society on a rotating basis.  Each society pays annual dues of $200 to the hosting society to help defray expenses of the show.  Societies also use entry fees, fund raisers, solicitation of donations, grants, or a portion of their club monies to cover costs.  The expenses for these exhibits include such items as fees for a nationally recognized artist to jury the show, awards for winners, publication of a catalog of accepted paintings, publicity, refreshments for the reception, etc.

Western Federation of Watercolor Societies


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