UWS-CVC Oct Mini Workshop: Dilleen Marsh

DILLEEN MARSH WORKSHOP: Saturday 10/13/18  10a-4p
Utah Watercolor Society-Cache Valley chapter

Dilleen Marsh Workshop
October 13, 2018
Logan Library-Jim bridger room (NE Corner of Library)

You must sign up with DeAnna Hulme, workshop chairman.
Limited seating so sign up asap

Dilleen will be teaching us how she sketches, paints and adds her prose to her piece of art… check her out at dilleenMarsh.com, facebook, and instagram

This is the set-up of our time together:
10-12n we will do our ink drawings
12-1p is lunch
1-2p we will add color
2-3p we will write
3-4p we will post our results

Materials suggested

  • Sketchbook or smooth watercolor paper. We will be working approximately 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.
  • Black ink. I use Pigma Micron Archival Ink pens 005, 01, 02, 03, and SMALL brush. (But you can use other pens and ink…just make sure it is permanent.)
  • Color. I use Prismacolor pencils. You can use watercolor pencils if you’d like. Also bring Chinese White and a tiny detail brush.
  • Bring a photo or simple object to draw from. Make sure you have 3 things connected with your photo or object…an idiom, a personal story from your life, and a quote that ALL ties in to your PHOTO OR OBJECT.
  • Bring your smart phone. We will photograph your resulting art and post it somewhere in cyberspace. I’ll show you how this isn’t so scary.

Regarding the size we will be working in, bring a 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch frame cut out of cardstock for composition purposes.

For more information TEXT DeAnna Hulme WORKSHOP Committee Chair (see UWS directory for contact information)

cvc oct workshop

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