UWS-CVC Nov/Dec President’s Message 2018

Hello Fellow Watercolor Friends,

November is settling in and the days are getting much shorter.  There is something about the change of seasons that spurs my creativity.  I have been thinking about what little gem of encouragement I can share with you and the thought that keeps coming to mind is take a little time daily to create something!

Near the end of 2015 my husband challenged me to create something every day during 2016 and post it to share with others. I accepted with eager anticipation!  At the end of the year I had all the photos I had posted on my Instagram account – @myart365 – published into a little snapchat book.  The following quote is what I wrote on December 29, 2016:

“Day 364 I really can’t believe tomorrow is the end of my 365 daily challenge to find time for creativity each day.  If I was lucky enough to work on something personally or just enjoy the talents of someone else, it was a goal accomplished.  It gave me courage and a much-needed push to try things I know I might not have ever tried otherwise and then posted publicly.  Thank you for being a supportive group and giving my confidence! Some days it felt next to impossible to do something, but we can always find just a minute in our day to take the opportunity to find and appreciate beauty.  Thank you @honeywood82 for making my life so sweet. #createeveryday”

So…I’m challenging all of us to think about pushing ourselves a little bit to find creativity every day for the coming year of 2019 and share it each other on social media. Are you game to play along? If social media isn’t your thing, you can still accept the challenge and document as you would like.  I found having to put myself out there was a game changer for me.  I was sketching so much more and making a daily effort to make art. And as hard as it was to make the time each day, I found I really missed it once it was the year was over.  I counted any art I spent time on, photography, fiber arts, culinary arts as well as an inspiring visit to a museum or play. What do you say?  Are you willing to play? I’ll be watching for your posts!  Please tag them #uwsartdaily2019 so we can follow each other!

Leisa Firth
UWS CVC President


A poorly made video flipping through my little book!

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  1. Catherine Jex says:

    What Utah Galleries show work by Osral B. Allred?

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Catherine Jex


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