UWS President’s Message Dec 2018

Julie and Mr Gray.jpg
Julie Ickes

I enjoy getting gifts as much as anyone.  However, as I think back on holidays I have enjoyed throughout the years, I don’t remember too many of the Christmas gifts I have received. Some of the most valuable gifts of this life have been experiences and the memories of them.

Remarkably, I have managed to recollect at least something from each workshop or demonstration I have had the privilege to attend.  I would like to take a trip down memory lane and in just a couple of words, describe something unique I remember about some of the teachers I have had though the years through the Utah Watercolor Society.  If you were in any of these classes or demos, you may be able to relate and possibly get a chuckle. These are a few examples off the top of my head.

National/ International Artists: Tom Lynch-juice colors, Lian Quan Zhen-finger grapes, Sterling Edwards-credit card rocks, Bev Jozwiak-hot press, Don Weller-cowboys, Frank Eber-main cow, Ian Stewart- palette knife, Keiko Tanabe-yellow ochre, Alvaro Castagnet-cityscapes. Jeannie McGuire-stir your paints, Steven Quiller- color wheel palette.

And local art teachers: Paige Kimball-pouring, Colleen Reynolds-S caress, Kristi Grussendorf-connect darks, Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen- reptiles, Joseph Alleman-earth tones, Sue Martin-textures, Spike Ress-Red rocks, Greg Newbold-circular composition, Susan Gallagher-fan brush, Brienne Brown-spit, Carl Purcell-rhythm, Sherrie Meidell- hacke stick, Kathy Sutherland-art therapy, Lester Lee-positive critiques, Brian Thayne-water. John Erickson-house paint portraits. And my most favorite demonstration ever was Yevgeniy Zolotsev who passionately painted a masterpiece and didn’t say a single word the entire time.

Maybe we should consider giving gift certificates for classes instead of toys, jewelry and those yucky fruitcakes! Happy holidays!

Julie Ickes
UWS President 2018-2019

Featured Image: “Elephant” on hot press paper by Julie Ickes – inspired by Bev Jozwiak

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