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UWS Member News


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hadley rampton_jan 2019

Now exhibiting at the Pleasant Valley Library – Ogden Branch, 5568 Adams Ave Parkway, watercolors from Bolivia by Hadley Rampton.

“During the summer of 2017, I accompanied Choice Humanitarian on an expedition to the Altiplano of Bolivia. Our mission was to assist in the construction of classrooms in the Indigenous town of Taracollo. Along with my sleeping bag and work clothes, I packed my camera and watercolors supplies. Although I knew I would be giving the majority of my time to the humanitarian work ahead of me, I wanted to record what I could of the village, its people and my experience in watercolor and ink.

After my week in the village, I remained in Bolivia for another week. I spent my time travelling to La Paz, Potosí and Sucre. Each told stories of the Indigenous peoples’ struggles with the Spanish, followed by the Criollos (mixed race peoples). In each locale, I learned what I could of their histories and painted in their streets.

I have long felt for the plight of Indigenous peoples and the injustices they have endured, and continue to endure. My week spent with the warm and wonderful people of Taracollo strengthened my feelings. These paintings and accompanying writings convey my impressions of what I experienced and learned.

As a thank you to Choice Humanitarian and to assist them further with their efforts in Bolivia, I plan to donate 30% of the proceeds from the possible sales of the watercolors to Choice.”     -Hadley Rampton


UWS Member Becky Hartvigsen is teaching painting classes at her home every Friday.

Morning: 10:00am – 12:00pm – Watercolor class ($20 per class)
Afternoon:  1:00pm – 3:00pm – Oil class ($20 per class)

Contact her to reserve a spot. (beckywh@comcast.net or use your UWS directory to look up her phone number)

Becky Hartvigson_HartvNightFlight 2
“Night Flight” by Becky Hartvigsen
Join UWS-CVC member and UWS Past President, Kristi Grussendorf, for her upcoming workshop!  June 2019 – Provence, France. Click here for information.
“I understand the lavender will be blooming! Come join me June!


UWS-CVC member and UWS Past President Kristi Grussendorf has a painting featured in the Feb 2019 issue of Watercolor Artist magazine.

kristi grussendorf_what a girl wants_with label


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