RECAP: Roland Lee Mini Workshop

Roland Lee UWS Mini Workshop

March 22-23, 2019

“Light Up Your Landscapes”

As advertised, Roland Lee’s workshop was “designed to help artists become better interpreters of the landscape”. Along with his two sons Jon and Jim, Roland created an atmosphere for a great workshop with patience and encouragement. He is “super organized & well put together” said one participant. We learned his techniques for a 3-minute sky with some pressure to finished in three minutes, but not too much – “don’t diddle” or overwork the piece.

Roland said we need to use our artistic brain – the right side – for drawing and painting. We also learned about cast and form shadows – that’s where the magic happens – where shapes & distance are defined. Look for patterns, lights next to darks, shapes & spacial relationships, and edges to see what Nature is telling us. Use value to develop contrast when interpreting what you see with paint on paper. He then demonstrated  how to paint cast and form shadows and light reflection – where shapes and distance are defined. He also showed how negative painting is a technique that can be used to create depth of field.

Comments from other participants included “the light came on” and “ I feel like I learned a little bit of magic – now to apply it!” We all felt fortunate to have been a part of Roland Lee’s workshop.

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