Congrats to this year’s new UWS Signature members

Each year at the June Annual Member Meeting, the President has the opportunity to announce and award UWS Signature status to those who have met the requirements for Signature Membership.

For those who don’t know, to achieve UWS Signature status, you must have been juried into eight separate qualifying exhibitions (Fall, Spring, or WFWS). Two of those exhibitions must have been UWS Spring (in order to earn Two-Star status), and you must also have won an award in one of the eight.

Accomplishing this membership status takes work!

UWS extends congratulations to this year’s new Signature members!

Lori D. Burchinal
Chariya Ernst
Cynthia Hepworth
Ian Ramsay
Lucy Beale Partridge
Roxane Pfister

UWS Signature_Cynthia Hepworth_2019-06-04 20.26.05
Julie Ickes with new UWS Signature member, Cynthia Hepworth
UWS Signature_Roxane Pfister_2019-06-04 20.24.43
Julie Ickes with new UWS Signature member, Roxane Pfister


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