UWS Sep 2019 Mini Workshop: Stephen Henry

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Stephen Henry

Watercolor Workshop Sep 13-14, 2019


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  • UWS Member Rate:  $125
  • Non-member rate: $175

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Workshop runs Friday-Saturday, 9:00am – 4:00pm each day.
1-hour lunch (participants are responsible for their own lunch).
Snacks will be available.

This workshop will include various non-traditional watercolor techniques, including the use of masking fluids, tape, watercolor markers and spray bottles filled with paint!
There will be a common subject for the entire class, and it will be landscape-based.  Students may choose their own subjects, however.  Please come prepared to have fun and share your tips and insights with all involved!


Stephen Henry Bio

Stephen Henry_headshot

Born in Texas, I come from a rural background, steeped in tradition and values that are familiar to the American heartland.  I identify with the simple, pragmatic way of life, and I have always had an affinity for the outdoors and isolated landscapes. The area that I now call home, Utah, offers a similitude to the farm and ranch culture that I grew up in.  The setting of that culture, however, is far more spectacular than that of my prairie home!

I am absolutely in love with these mountains, and all things associated with them.  The sentimental aspect of my artist nature finds comfort in the tangible and familiar, such as horses, barns, corrals, etc. The “adventurous painter” side of my personality, though, is enamored with the visual beauty of this area.  My goal is not only to paint with my rural “voice”, but also to capture the grandeur and emotion of these Rocky Mountains.  They truly are, as I have heard said, “The marrow of the earth!”

I consider myself, without a doubt, truly blessed to have the calling of an artist.  It is even more of a blessing, in my view, to live-out that calling in an area that has to be among God’s finest creations. 



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