UWS Fall 2019 Workshop: Frank Francese, NWS, TWSA


Frank Francese, NWS, TWSA

Landscape Workshop Sep 30 – Oct 4, 2019


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  • UWS Member full workshop (5-day) registration $495
    (You must be a Utah resident to join UWS.)


  • Non-member full workshop (5-day) registration $595


  • NEW 3-DAY OPTION available for those who are unable to attend full 5-days.|
    You may register for Mon-Tue-Wed ONLY option or Wed-Thurs-Fri ONLY option. ($297 for UWS Members / $357 for non members).(NOTE for the 3-Day registrants: Mr. Francese will NOT be able to catch up or review any instruction missed on the days you do not attend. For the full workshop experience, please register for the 5-day workshop.)
Click Here to visit Frank’s website

Workshop runs Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm each day.
30 min lunch (participants are responsible for their own lunch).
Continental Breakfast items and snacks will be available.

Francese_utah watercolor

About the Workshop:

“My workshops traditionally focus on these five basic subject matters or scenes: nature, country, city, beaches, and nature’s moods. While I will ontinue to use those five genres, they will not be given equal attention as I have done in the past. My new approach will focus on the areas of interest which exist in and around the venue (location) of the workshop. 
By way of examples: If the workshop is being conducted in Colorado, I will concentrate on the beauty of the high country; in New England, perhaps its change of seasons. If the workshop is being held in a coastal city of say, California, I will concentrate on beach and city scenes with a possible foray into a national park such as Yosemite to provide relevant subject  matter. If the workshop is being held in middle America, rural scenes will likely be the prominent focus.
Nature’s moods are everywhere, but the violent summer thunderstorm of America’s plains is different than the coastal shower along our ocean beaches. Once again, the venue will drive the focus of the workshop and should provide an exciting, new approach for my teaching efforts.
….I have been experimenting with the use of acrylic paint as a base and then applying transparent watercolors on top of the acrylic base. I have then ‘finished’ the image, adding detail using opaque (guache) paints. The results have been quite exciting.
The combination of the three mediums opens a whole new world to the watercolor artist. You might say that I’ve had my ‘Eureka’ moment, discovering that there is a whole new worls outside that of pure transparent watercolor art.”



***Make sure you bring photo references for your paintings and a few sketches.***

Here are some recommendations/requirements for materials you will want to have on hand for use at the workshop.

* Paint:

For transparent water colors I use twenty five colors by American Journey.  Feel free to choose your own colors.  Any professional brand of paint will be fine but stay away from student quality paint. I use American Journey Acrylics, large tubes.  M. Graham Artist’s gouache rounds out the paint requirements.

* Brushes:

I use a different set of brushes for each medium as they will be affected differently by the type of paint.  For the transparent water color I use Miller Pseudo Squirrel brushes.  I use #6, #8 & #12 round brushes and ¾, 1 ½ flat brushes by Silver Black Velvet.  Any professional brand is acceptable for the 2 inch flat.  For the acrylics I use a white nylon #16 (1 ½ inch) and an American Interlock 1 ¼ brush.  You will want a second set of these brushes for the gouache medium as well

* Paper:

For transparent water color work I use Arches Natural White Rough, 140 pound, 22 x 30 inches (Arches Cold Press paper is also fine).  For the acrylic medium any 300 pound professional paper will do.  American Journey hard bound sketch books work fine as does Velum #67 paper.  (Whatever you use at home is totally acceptable.)


Frank Francese Bio

Frank Francese

“He’s just an ol’ guy from Colorado that really enjoys painting!” Frank Francese, 2018.

After experimenting with several artistic mediums, Frank got his start in watercolors in 1969 while attending Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado. A significant step on the road to notoriety came in 1998 when one of his paintings was purchased by a Donor of the Denver Art Museum and presented to that organization. The painting remains a permanent part of the Denver Art Museum’s contemporary art collection.

Frank has conducted workshops for the past thirty plus years all across America as well as on two other continents.

Frank Francese watercolor workshops have been attended by students in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Holland, Belgium and Ireland.

The artist has been published in several professional magazines over his career, including Artist Magazine, Watercolor Artist (formerly known as Watercolor Magic) and Splash V.  His images have earned more than fifty awards in state, national and international competitions.

Francese is a signature member of the following organizations and societies:  National Watercolor Society; Transparent Watercolor Society of America {Master Status}; Watercolor West; Western Federation Watercolor Society; San Diego Watercolor Society and Colorado Watercolor Society.



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