UWS Scholarship Fund Book & Art Supplies Sale

UWS Scholarship Benefit: Book and Art Supplies Sale

November 5th, 2019

We invite you to bring any books and art Supplies that you no longer have need for to donate.  We will be having a silent auction at our November meeting.  All of the proceed will benefit the Mary Straight Scholarship Program.
This is not only a good way to clear away some clutter in your studio, but also share books and art supplies and help provide the funds to reward great watercolor painting done by high school students in the State of Utah!
Please arrive a little early if you have items to donate.  We will have tables and bid sheets available.
If you would like to donate but will not be able to come to the November meeting, please notify Tamara Trotter or Tom Howard.
Tamera Trotter 
(phone number available in your UWS directory)
Tom Howard
white paper
Photo by Clay Kraze on Pexels.com

For more information about our Mary Strait Scholarship Fund and past years’ high school student award winners, click here.

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