UWS-CVC President’s Message Dec 2019 / Jan 2020

Brenda Brunello, UWS-CVC President 2019-2020

December…..already and the New Year is just around the corner.  Time flies…and so it seems do the moments that we have to paint.  I hope that each of you find time, no matter how small the amount might be, to paint, sketch, read and think creatively.  Our souls require time that is our own.  It allows us to be creative, to move forward with our own self-expression.

If you did not have something to enter in the CVC Winter Show, then consider working toward either a Western Fed entry or the forthcoming UWS Spring Show.


I was reminded by a couple of our members of the importance of reading the applicable prospectus with each exhibition, and they suggested that I write about that this month, so here we go.

The prospectus for any exhibition governs what will and will not be accepted.  It is important, very important to read it carefully.  Mats make a difference, size of your work and the frame that it is in makes a difference.  For Western Fed, there are defined mat sizes so that must be taken into consideration with your painting and your entry. Entry deadlines matter as does when you deliver and pick your paintings up.  Pricing requires careful consideration.  A friend of mine accidently left a digit off of her price…the painting sold, quickly, very quickly….and she barely covered the cost of her entry….not the frame, nor the mat, nor the actual painting. A very valuable lesson for all of us!

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is where our painting source references come from.  Most exhibitions require the references to be our own.  We may not use someone else’s work, photos, etc.  Yes, you can take bits and pieces of several references and put them together into your own masterpiece, but it may be recognizable as another’s work so take care with this. You may not enter work done during a class, use the instructor’s reference as your own, etc.  Paintings typically must be completed within the past two years, again the prospectus will define this requirement.

Sounds like a lot to think about, but this is part of the planning process as you begin your painting.  Keep that prospectus handy.

Remember to take a good photo that meets the size requirements before you put it under glass. I have taken more than one framed painting apart because I forgot this little step. Now I have a note posted in my studio that asks the question: “Have you taken your reference photo?”

If you are unsure what something in a prospectus means, or if you need help, contact the Exhibition Coordinator for help. There will always be a name and contact information listed on a prospectus for questions. Or, you can reach out to your UWS-CVC Board Members or UWS Board Members. We are here to help you!

Hope this helps a bit. Happy painting!


Brenda Painting_Dec 2019 Prec message
“Tis the Season” by Brenda Brunello

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  1. The call for entries for the Utah Women Artists Exhibition is open until February 7, 2020. This juried biennial exhibition awards over $10,000 to winning Utah Women artists: professional, amateur, mature amateur, and student artists over 18. Artists can register and enter at https://utahwomenartistsexhibition.artcall.org.
    AAUW of Utah invites women of the Utah Water Color Society to enter this exhibition. You have many accomplished water colorists. Their works would fit well in our exhibition, which was established in 1982 to provide a venue for women artists. I would like to send a flyer with more information, but I need an email address in order to send it.
    Marilyn Shearer, AAUW of Utah Treasurer,
    Chair, Utah Women Artists Exhibition.


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