UWS-CVC President’s Message Feb / Mar 2020

Brenda Brunello, UWS-CVC President 2019-2020

Cache Valley Chapter of the Utah Watercolor Society had a beautiful Winter Exhibition in December. There were more than 40 paintings displayed at Fuhrimans Fine Art and Framing for this show. I have attended and participated in a number of these exhibitions and the one thing that I am certain about is that the caliber of the work just gets better and better. Practice is the only path to improvement. Some call it brush time. Like with exercising, it often helps to have a buddy to help keep you motivated. UWS provides scheduled Paint Outs which are one way of getting paint time in as well as providing a venue for feedback. CVC does similar paint outs during warmer months and will start again in the spring. Another option is to get with a friend and work your way through artist books or DVD’s. Both UWS and CVC have libraries that members may borrow from. I have just finished both a book and a DVD with a friend studying Alvaro Castagnet painting techniques. His paintings are amazing and while I have not been satisfied with my own efforts, I am putting in brush time and pushing myself to improve. I would challenge you to do the same. Small Works and the Spring Show are coming soon, perfect venues to challenge yourself to some serious brush time.

Happy Painting!



Brenda_Todays Woman
“Today’s Woman” by Brenda Brunello

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea D Jorgensen says:

    Yup! You’re getting better and better! I just love the vitality in this portrait. The lady is alive, exuberant.


  2. glori w alsop says:

    these paintings look great, presidents!


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