UWS President’s Message Feb / Mar 2020


Linda Flannery_head shot
Linda Flannery, UWS President 2019-2020

The days are getting longer so more daylight to mix paint! For me, getting outside more to do plain air with less pain of the frozen, snowy cold air. Ah the agony of producing Art!

It’s still not too late to make an “ Art Resolution”. (Mine was to buy better quality paper). Maybe it could include entering a show that you hadn’t before or taking a workshop, mini or “maxi’’. We have a great national Artist lined up for May. Please check our UWS website often for information and updates.

UWS meetings are a great place to meet old and new Art friends. Maybe a good goal would be to meet someone new and plan to paint together.

Try a new color, a new brush, a new kind of paper. Branch out from landscape to figures or visa versa…still life, animals?

If we try and change things up it seems to energize our creative juices.

Here’s to more juices!

~Linda Flannery

Linda Flannery_Gentle Giants
“Gentle Giants” by Linda Flannery

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