2020 UWS Small Works Entries: Images and Prices

1Bradley Kropp - Best of Show-Dry Docked-$250
Best of Show “Dry Docked” by Bradley Kropp
Exhibition hangs through April 15, 2020
Sego 3 Fine Art 661 S. 200 E. Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Artist Painting Pickup: April 16th/17th from 12-5 PM
Thanks to all who entered this exhibition and survived all the changes in information during these trying times. The following gallery has images, artist name and title, and price. If you wish to make a purchase, please contact the gallery by phone at 801.328.9848, or by email: info@sego3.com. All paintings, including frames, are 144 square inches or less.

2020 Small Works Exhibition Gallery

“and God provided grassland by Smithsonian Butte #1 $75
“and God provided grassland by Smithsonian Butte #2” Yvonne Krause $75
“Australian Flyer” Doreen Hanson $195
“Bountiful Lake” Elaine Peterson $95
Delicate Majesty Doreen Hanson $195
“Double Arch” Wali Lewis $125
“Dusk” Jodie West $200
“Fall in Utah” Cynthia Hepworth $350
“Hanging Around” Brenda Brunello $175
“Hidden Segos” Barbara Pioli $250
“Life’s Journey” Gayle Allen $150
“Lofty” Jodie West $200
“City and County Building” James Moore $126
“Path to my Favorite Fly Fishing spot” James Moore $126
“Anticipation” Dianne Siegfreid $95
“Dry Docked” Bradley Kropp $250
“Hibiscus” Nancy Maxfield Lund $300
“Peachy Daylily” Nancy Maxfield Lund $300
“Morning Stroll Provo Canyon” Jamie Chandler $300
“Festival of Trees” Jamie Chandler $300
“Desert Red” Sue Martin $225
“Fog Over Anacortes” Sue Martin $225
“Fall quakies” Kathy Gagon $100
“Granja de tabaco” Kelly Hannah $125
“Tulip” Karen Mitchell $95
“Wild Rose” Karen Mitchell $95
“Sea Glass” Lucy Beale Partridge $95
“Gothic Window” Brian Thayne $153
“Evening Aura” Lucy Beale Partridge $95
“2 boats” Brian Thayne $153
“Ginger Berry” Susie Bytheway $275
“Stacked Tea Cups” Susie Bytheway $375
“IN THE HARBOR” Verna Hendricks $150
“Great Salt Lake” Joshi Haskell $100
“Evening Light” Joshi Haskell $100
“Waterways” Austin Beck-Doss $125
“Origin Story” Austin Beck-Doss $110
“Old Stoney” Philip Parisi $200
“Froggie” Mary Pusey $75
“Snail” Mary Pusey $75
“The Weaver” Maggie Harrison $220
“Buddha with Singing Bowls” Neena Plant $247
“Flat Iron, Boulder” Philip Parisi $200
“See a Song” Tina Vigos $125
“Tatanka” Tina Vigos $125
“South of Slickrock” Sandy Sleeper $135
“Small Flowers, Big Color” Sandy Sleeper $135
“Tundra Lights” Kay Hale $185
“Isla Mujeres Island Breeze” Barbara Kidd $195
“Morning in Midway, Utah” Barbara Kidd $195
“Last Leaf (O. Henry)” Linda Flannery $135
“The Summit” Cara Koolmees $85
“Grazing Deer” Cara Koolmees $85
“Yolanda” Alisa Laporte $125
“Pigeon Point, CA Sharon Cannon $200
“The Gum Trees” Sharon Cannon $200
“Still Life in Red” Doyle Geddes $150
“A Winter Scene” Doyle Geddes $150
“Browns Park Utah” Susan Silver $95
“St. Paul’s Skyline, Bankside” Jana Parkin $175
“sego lillies” Dewey Hansen $70
“Calf Creek Waterfall” Dewey Hansen $70
“Logan Main Street” Kim Gordon $175
“Rock Collector” Kim Gordan
“Raven” Roxane Pfister $80
“Dove” Roxane Pfister $80
“Foothills” Ann Galt $40
“Art Class” Ann Galt $70
“Yet It Is Still Worth Walking” Michelle Nixon $175
“The Awareness of One’s Own Breath” Michelle Nixon $150
“Family” Kristi Grussendorf $175
“Peace” Kristi Grussendorf $95
“Cedar Mountain” Erin Acker $75
“Capitol Reef in May” Erin Acker $75
“Flower Fields” Rebecca Johnson $250
“Clower Look 2” Rebecca Johnson $250
“Summer Joy” Melody Greenlief $135
“Light and Shadow” Gail Wilhelmsen $500
“What, no more Eagle Scouts?” Gail Wilhelmsen $300
“Chickadees” Bessann Swanson $100
“Bahian Woman in Red” Laurel Hart $400
“Asleep on the Job” Shirley Bailey $50
“Eliza” Laurel Hart $400
“Wasatch Back” Jeanne Hansen $300
“Playtime is Over” Andi Jorgensen $75
“The Outlook” Steven Sheffield $350
“Inspiring Ridge” Jeanne Hanen $260
“Park Avenue” Wali Lewis $125
“Red Rock View” Marsha Dennis $150
“S.L.C.” Blaine Clayton $100
“Storms Coming” Brenda Brunello $125
“Streets in Spain” Marsha Dennis $150
“The Gathering” Elaine Peterson $125
“Wisteria” Blaine Clayton $100
“V-Twin” Neena Plant $347
“The Palatine Hill” Jana Parkin $175
“Nobody’s Home” Melody Greenlief $75

4 Comments Add yours

  1. This is beautiful.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Rex Peterson says:

    I love the exhibition! I’m just wondering why my painting called “the Gathering” is not included in the photo list. It is a still life of eggs.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  3. Melody Greenlief says:

    I was looking through these paintings and I noticed that one of my paintings is not shown on this list. I am hoping it is not lost. It is a painting of a white house titled “Nobody’s Home”

    Thanks! Melody Greenlief facebook.com/TheArtistMelody/ ________________________________


  4. Rex Peterson says:

    Hello, I went downtown today to pick up my artwork as was scheduled and no one was there. I tried calling first and no one answered, but the voicemail said they were open and stated their hours.Once there, I called again- no answer.The note on the door said to be sure to visit their Trolley Square store. I tried that to see if I could find somebody to talk to. There was no one there either. Did I miss some communication? How do we get our paintings back from the small works show?

    Please let me know. Thanks! Elaine Peters


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