UWS Members: April President’s Message

April, 2020
PresideLinda Flannery_head shotnt’s Message

It’s been said over and over, but one more time…THIS IS CRAZY! Did we ever think our lives would be relegated to seclusion in order to possibly survive? UWS is still trying to provide some level of virtual contact, and many are working on that. I have received several “thank you” notes for the job that I am doing. It’s not me, it’s them! I’m just the one out front. The behind-the-scenes people do amazing things to make the rest of us look good.

Jennifer Love is still performing many computer technical functions; the latest of which, is preparing the set up for online presentations that are coming soon. Although she wants to give this job away, she is still fighting the fight! She is training Mary Pusey and Mary has taken over many of the tasks, among  them the UWS webmaster. Ann Galt is living up in the cloud, still helping when needed. Roxane Pfister has been great at writing and changing the prospectus for our upcoming Spring Exhibition which will be conducted online. We are still working out the details of David Smith offering a scaled downed version of his workshop on line. Tuesday, April 7th, Lester Lee was our online presenter. A link was posted on our FB page and the UWS Website, as well as an email sent to each member.

I hope you can see this time as an opportunity to paint and create. It is a gift that we, as artists, can use to express our passion, feelings, or just plain escape. This might be a good time to paint that huge painting, the one that would be too big to get into any show. Another thought would be to copy some of the Masters or artists that we admire. It is a good exercise to practice new techniques. Even though you wouldn’t be able to enter these into an exhibition either, it would definitely be a fun exercise and a challenge.

I am throwing out an idea here. I am calling it “Painting in Captivity”. If you are currently painting during this quarantine will you please share what you are doing, finished or not? I would like you to post to our UWS Facebook page; often if possible, or once if you are not brave. It might give all of us an opportunity to connect to other members and see how Art is helping to keep us sane!

Thank you for your confidence. Please reach out if you are struggling. Some do captivity better than others; send me an email/text or network with other artists if you feel isolated. Staying connected with other artists is essential to creativity, and at this moment in time, might be essential to survival!

Linda Flannery
President, UWS




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  1. dewey hansen says:

    I didn’t know that UWS has a facebook site


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