UWS Fall 2020 Virtual Workshop Laurie Goldstein-Warren

I am Laurie Goldstein-Warren and I live in West Virginia.
I have been painting watercolors for nineteen years.  Art has always been a part of my life. When I was young, ballet, tap and jazz dancing was my creative outlet. I was a dancer in the Rochester Academy of Performing Arts dance troupe until the age of 18. Later on my creative path took me to hair styling. I opened my own salon in New York and competed in fantasy hair competitions. I loved these particular shows because you had to create something never seen before, more avante garde than styles you would see on the street. When I moved to West Virginia in 1998 and found myself in the countryside, I went back to one of my first creative loves, art.
After many years of studying the art of watercolor with some fantastic teachers and mentors, I have been so fortunate to have found success in this field. My artwork has been shown all over this country and has been exhibited in Canada, China and Japan. I now enjoy teaching my workshops and jurying exhibits around the country.
 I found my voice in art… find yours….Create!
Key Details:
*On-line workshop opportunity with Laurie Goldstein-Warren.
*Early registration special pricing for UWS members: $175 for fives days ($200 for non-members) plus Laurie is throwing in a sixth day to discuss breaking into the profession of art sales.
*Oct 5-10 – 10:00 – 11:00 for her demo. You will have access to her reference material before hand so you can paint along – or watch and paint later. Your work can be emailed or sent via Facebook Message if you would like a critique.
Daily Teaching Plan
Day 1 – Monday October 5
Planning a glass painting. Setting up and artistic glass still life. Describe layout of reflections, refractions and background for a successful painting
Day 2 – Tuesday October 6
Straightening Masking errors 
Continue painting Dark to Light
Learn about adding colored “pieces “ of paint to draw viewer to focal point.
Email or Facebook Message your image to Laurie if you would like a critique
Day 3 – Wednesday October 7
Alternating colors to turn glass still life into art.
When to use your reference photo and when to forget it and use your imagination.
Learning about reflection, color saturation.
Day 4 – Thursday October 8
Continue painting glass from dark to the light.
Second project if time allows.
Day 5 – Friday October 9
Finish project 1 or work on project 2
Talk about Zoom meeting  (Saturday)
Day 6 – Saturday October 10
Talk about professional advancement – Q&A about paintings.

Images courtesy Laurie Goldstein-Warren

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