UWS Cache Valley Chapter President’s Message

Aug 31

As I begin my term as President of the Cache Valley Chapter of UWS, I can’t help but feel a mix
of excitement and apprehension.
Last year was probably the most topsy-turvy year that any of us would care to experience due to
the covid pandemic. Yet from a personal perspective, I’d say that there was a nice silver lining in
last year’s events. A lot of extra “brush time” unexpectedly became available. Most of my regular
outside activities were curtailed, so I found myself spending more time than ever before just
painting. There was plenty of opportunity during the year to experiment with new techniques and
approaches. I checked out library books on watercolor methods and studied the work of different
watercolorists online. I think that my art improved by several notches as a result of the pandemic
– perhaps mostly because it was possible to spend so much time at the easel. My bet is that many
of you also had similar positive experiences.
The Cache Valley Chapter remained active throughout the past year with a mix of online and
face-to-face meetings and activities. In addition, we held our annual summer exhibit this June
and we were fortunate enough to have Ted Nuttall give a workshop on portrait painting in Logan
in early August.

I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone in UWS during the upcoming year.

Best regards,
Brad Kropp

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