Dixie State University BUSINESS OF ART 2021

Sears Art Museum Presents
The Business of Art
November 12th – 13th, 2021

The Business of Art is a conference held at Dixie State University to teach all visual artists business side of art, and to learn from expert keynotes and presenters. Over these two days, you will learn necessary skills to become a self-sufficient prosperous artist, learn about social media as a communication and marketing platform, and be able to network yourself in an atmosphere of inspiration and innovation.
Find more info at The Business of Art
Register by November 9th
Register at  Registration – The Business of Art

Utah Watercolor Society | info@utahwatercolor.org | www.utahwatercolor.org
P.O. Box 581005
Salt Lake City, UT 84158-1005

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  1. Would like to thank Kathy, Bev and Co.! What a labor of love! So much great information will be shared this coming Friday and Sat. The key note speakers, presentation/discussion sessions in various areas of business and artistic prowess, and the comradery rubbing shoulders with participants from all over the State of Utah will be a memorable opportunity! Thank You!!!


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