Utah Watercolor Society April Blast

Time to get outside and get painting!
Lots of opportunities and good
information in this blast.

Be sure to read to the end.
Spring Flowers by Doyle Geddes
Continuing your Education by Sherry Meidell
There are many ways to continue your education in art. In fact that’s what I find so fascinating with art is the ability to increase our knowledge and improve our art. It can be very relaxing to listen to some podcasts. This gives you access to some professionals in the field who can share some of their expertise. I listen to “3 Point Perspective” with Jake Parker, Will Terry and Lee White. This gives me important information on Children’s book illustration and marketing that is important for illustrators and fine artists. I also listen to “The Illustration Department” with Giuseppe Castellano. He talks to Illustrators and art directors and gallery owners. This is also interesting to me because of my children’s book illustration background. But the podcast that might be more interesting to us as watercolor artists is “Learn to Paint Podcast” with Kelly Ann Powers.

Episode 12 is with Andy Evansen.
Episode 30 is with Dean Mitchell.
Episode 38 is with Jon Salminen.
Episode 46 is with Brienne Brown.

We can gain great in-site from these artists. One of the best ways to improve your art is by painting. There is no magic trick to becoming a better artist. But you can learn something new from each painting you create. I learn something new from each painting I finish. Finish is an important word. You don’t give up in the middle when it looks like your painting is heading quickly to the garbage. It is important to go ahead and finish it. That’s when a lot of the learning takes place. Then you can keep it as a memory of what you’ve learned in the process. When you find it again after a couple of weeks it may surprise you with its beauty. So find a way to keep putting those brushes to work and continue to learn how that great variety of colors in tubes can be used to create the visions you have tucked in your head.
Sherry Meidell YouTube channel
President Utah Watercolor Society.                        
Signature: National Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Utah Watercolor Societies
Joyce Baron

Using Color and Composition to bring interest and excitement to your paintings.

UWS General Meeting

April 5, 7:00 pm

Joyce Baron’s wild colors in her dynamic abstract paintings have become a consistent part of the UWS and WFWS exhibitions. She spends a great deal of time to carefully design her painting and then select colors that Pop and jump. In the end, her attention to composition and use of fabulous color combinations create interest and excitement in her works. Joyce will give a demonstration on composition and color during the 
Tuesday, UWS April 5th General Meeting. 7pm.

It will be a “hands-on” demo. Bring your sketch pad and watercolor kit!
Don’t miss it! If you can’t join in person, please Zoom
Time: Apr 5, 2022 7:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 791 072 3281
Passcode: artgroup

About Joyce: She has exhibited in UWS and WFWS for many years. Her work has been exhibited throughout Utah and sold through galleries in Salt Lake, Park City, and St. George. Her signature works are very colorful abstracts.
UWS 2022 Spring Workshop with
Stan Miller
May 2-6, 2022
There are still spaces available
Don’t miss this opportunity!$495 for members,$595 for non-members
Click here for more information and to register

2021 Spring Open Exhibition Best of Show
When Spring Came, there were no problems except where to be the happiest
by Michelle Nixon

Spring Open Exhibition Registration is open!
Deadline for registration:
April 10, 8:00pm Registration is open for the 2022 Spring Open Exhibition
May 6 – May 31, 2022 Logan Fine Art Center  
60 W. 100 N., Logan, UT 84321

Sunday April 10, 2022, 8:00pm
KEY DETAILS: Deadline for entries: Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 8:00pm
Exhibition dates: May 6– May 31, 2022
Hours: daily 12:00 noon – 6:00pm Tuesday thru Friday, Saturday, Noon to 3:00 pm.
Original water media work only, completed within last two years. Unvarnished. 
Entered pieces cannot have been previously accepted in a juried show, including UWS Fall, Spring, or WFWS.
White mat only; no colored, black, off-white mats accepted.
Image unframed no smaller than 100 square inches, no larger than 660 square inches

Maximum of two entries per participant,
$30 for first entry, $20 for second entry for UWS members
$50 per entry for non-members
$20 per entry for students
(No refunds for entries that do not follow prospectus guidelines and requirements)
Work needs to be for sale for this show. (40% commission deducted from all sales)
Online entry only. Go to http://uws2022springexhibition.artcall.org to register online
Click here for Prospectus and to Register
For more information, please contact
Sherry Meidell, 
Save the dates!Art and the Park, 2022October 12-16at Cougar Ranch
HAVE YOU TURNED IN YOUR PAPERWORK FORONE STAR / TWO STAR / SIGNATURE STATUS????The Two Star/ Signature Exhibition is just around the corner. You are already able to submit paintings into Art Call. Have you submitted your paperwork in order to receive recognition for your professional achievements within the Utah Watercolor Society?
Unsure of the process and your status? Here is a summary of what you need to do.
One Star Status:
You must have been juried into one Spring Exhibition and have submitted your paperwork.
Two Star Status: You must have been juried into two Spring Exhibitions and have submitted your paperwork.
Signature Status: You must have already achieve Two Star Status and
Been accepted into six additional UWS qualifying juried exhibitions
(UWS Spring or Fall Exhibition, or Western Federation Watercolor Society Exhibition)
and At least one of those paintings must have won an award and
Have submitted your paperwork to UWS ONE STAR / TWO STAR / SIGNATURE chairperson.
The form for this is found on the UWS website.
Or click here
Complete the form to the best of your ability and email it to
Brenda Brunello, UWS ONE STAR / TWO STAR / SIGNATURE chairperson.
Please text her with your name and let her know that you have emailed your form.
She will confirm your data and let you know your Status and then work with Neena Plant to have the list of UWS ONE STAR / TWO STAR / SIGNATURE member UWS ONE STAR / TWO STAR / SIGNATURE members updated on the UWS website.
Brenda Brunello
Brenda Brunello email
Exhibit Opportunity for Small Works

UWS members are invited to participate in a July exhibit at the
Urban Arts Gallery in the Gateway.

UWS paintings will be shown alongside art from various other art societies, associations, and guilds in the second annual

“Gathering of the Guilds.”

To maximize participation and to keep prices reasonable, your work should be no larger than 12” on any side, including frame. Works may be on paper, matted and framed in the traditional way; or you may paint on cradled panels, wired and ready to hang. You may use any water media or combination.
Paintings will be received by UWS the last week of June (details to follow).

UWS will hang the work with the gallery staff on July 3.

Artists’ reception and gallery stroll will be July 15.

The show will hang through the end of July.

The fee to participate is $10 for up to two paintings.
The number of paintings accepted will depend on the number of artists.
The fee will cover UWS costs to participate (wall labels, publicity, etc.).
All work must be for sale. The gallery will take a 40% commission.
We must know by April 14 IF you will participate.
Email Sue Martin at suesmartin@mac.com.
Images and information about your art will be due in early June (details to follow).
It is with sadness we announce thepassing of one of our great treasures,Beverly Byington. She was an inspiration in life and her creative spirit will continue to inspire. She was an Honorary member of UWS.Obituary for Beverly Byington

April Member Meeting Tour
April 12th, ‘22This month we have an unusual opportunity to visit the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art 650 N 1100 Eat Utah State University, and tour their archives with Shanon Erickson of the Education Dept.

Instead of our usual April member meeting at Green Canyon High School, we will go to the museum – (east of the Caine Performance Hall) on campus.
Free parking is available after 5 pm in the parking lot near Aggie Ice Cream
(corner of 12th East and Aggie Blvd)
and in the lot just south of 675 North
(immediately west behind the Caines Performance Hall). 

The new Gateway Terrace also has credit card-metered (not free) parking. refer to map below.
6:30 critique of your recent works and display of April challenge:
‘a loose impressionistic painting’
7:00 member meeting tour
Enter Harrison Museum main entrance on the east side and you will be directed to the ‘study center’ to begin. see you there!!
Message from Brad Kropp, CVC president
Watercolorists often have different preferences for brushes. Some of us believe it’s important to use high quality brushes, others are comfortable using throw-away brushes from a hobby store. I’ve always leaned towards the latter view. My brushes tend to be cheap. I love feeling free to abuse them or work them against the paper in whatever ways I like to create textures. If I destroy the brush – no problem – a couple bucks later, and I have a new one.

Despite that, I have started to experiment with better brushes. Not long ago, I splurged on a nice large, short-handled brush like the ones that many of the world-class watercolorists seem to use. Of course, I was convinced that, once it arrived, I would open the package and suddenly be able to paint just like one of them! That didn’t happen. Moreover, I hated the brush. Not only did the price tag give me indigestion the brush didn’t handle like I had hoped, and I’ve only used it two or three times.

Eventually I decided to try again. The second time I bought a nice sable brush that came to a beautiful sharp point. It also came with a price tag that made me wonder if I’d need to take TUMS for the rest of my life. This time I fell in love with the brush. It holds a ton of paint and allows you to cover large areas of paper after loading the brush just once. It also lets you do detailed work with that sharp point. I’ve found myself reaching for this brush more and more often as my “go-to” brush. (And btw this is the first and last sable brush I will buy now that I’ve belatedly realized they don’t just shave these animals to get their hair. There are quality synthetics available nowadays.)

It’s still too early to know which side of the brush-quality fence I’ll choose. There are some nice characteristics that favor high-end brushes. Cost is a big factor though – one that puts the brakes on the rough handling that my cheap brushes allow. And I think if the price of a brush makes me tighten up for fear of damaging it, that will hurt my painting. I’ll bet I speak for everyone by saying that its far better to paint loosely than to paint with an expensive brush.
For now, I guess it’s worth having at least one quality brush for completing certain parts of a painting. But for the bulk of our painting anything will do the job. It’s not how we apply the paint that matters, it’s the result.
We are nearing the end of the year and Marsha Dennis will soon take over as CVC President.
To round out this year, we still have an upcoming presentation and tour of the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art in April (this will be held at USU, not Green Canyon High School). Also, stay tuned for information about our summer exhibit.
Brad Kropp

Learning opportunities with Kristi Grussendorf!
She has booked a three day workshop in southern Utah with an organization called MakeSpace. 
It’s scheduled for May 25-26. 

Here’s the link:https://makespacekayenta.com/event/watercolor-impressionism-with-visiting-artist-kristi-grussendorf/2022-05-25/

Also, she has a couple of events with French Escapade. The first is with other artists & it’s an on-line event – it’s scheduled for the weekend of April 23rd & 24th. Each artist does a 75 minute paint-along (she will do her painting on the 23rd). See link below.
French Escapade
Following that event, she will do a two day Zoom paint along for French Escapade June 3rd & 4th.
Link for Zoom paint-along
Brighton Days events in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Utah Watercolor Society is cordially invited to participate in the Brighton Days events in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It would be an honor to have your time and talents on display at this event that honors the beauty and natural history of the canyon. 

The Brighton Institute sponsors Brighton Days. This year we will team up with the Wasatch Wildflower Festival to feature wildflower hikes, displays of wildlife, history, watershed, music, and kids’ crafts. We should gather a good-sized crowd!


FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2022 Brighton Center/Brighton Store
Set up between 9-10 am (but very flexible for painters)
Event begins at 10 am – Take down around 2 pm (flexible)
 Ability to sell paintings only at Brighton Store parking lot area due to US Forest Service regulations. 

Painters could paint anywhere and hand out a business card for people to contact later if they want to buy something.
Or painters could paint in the Brighton Store parking lot (a bit far from the main festival, but lots of crowds anyway).

Solitude Village Set up between 9-10 am (flexible)
Event begins at 10 am – Take down around 2 pm (flexible)
Ability to sell paintings at painting site. Solitude has given permission. 
Let us know if you can participate.
We don’t need firm numbers, but we hope you to know you are wanted!!
Feel free to contact me or Steve Jorgensen.
We both serve on the Brighton Institute Board of Directors.
Thank you for helping honor the natural history and beauty of Big Cottonwood. 
Sincerely, The Brighton Institute 
Steve Jorgensen
Barbara Cameron 
MOAB ARTS FESTIVAL 2022Mark Your Calendar
Saturday/Sunday May 28 & 29, 2022
Application Now Available!
For other events in Moab look to calendar at
Moab Arts Festival
375 S. Main #236Moab Utah 84532
Please find additional information on the Moab Arts Festival page
Darla Bostick’s 16th and 17th Ghost Ranch Workshop/Retreats

In beautiful New Mexico (June and September 2022)

Relax, enjoy, create! Floor to ceiling studio windows. Ghost Ranch lodging/meals included.
See why Georgia O’Keeffe and artists today love Ghost Ranch.
Each workshop/retreat is different.
The June 2022 Multi-Medias workshop offers something new every day—textiles, printmaking, pouring, or jewelry! 
September 2022 UN-traditional Watercolor workshop—collect reference photographs and push watercolor boundaries!
Each has daily demos, slide presentations, door prizes, optional happy hour.
Darla’s been teaching at Ghost Ranch since 2008. 
Also, check out Darla’s Annual Art Adventure Abroad this October to France (and Italy in 2023)! For the Italy art trip there is a zoom of my presentation:
Thank you,
Darla Bostick,
Email: darlabostick@gmail.com
The Art Adventures Abroad for 2022 is in October to France.
Check my website for art news: shows, workshops, demos and art abroad.
The 2 workshop/retreats at Ghost Ranch in NM are scheduled for June and September!
Preview YouTube video Meet The Teachers 2021: Darla Bostick & Ruth Armitage
Free Sample Kit Opportunity for UWS members!
Hahnemühle is excited to offer their FREE SAMPLE KITS OF THEIR NEW COLLECTION WATERCOLOR PAPER to each UWS member.
Send your email requests to USAArtists@hahnemuehle.com.
YOU MUST mention that you are a member of the UTAH Watercolor Society and include your complete mailing address to receive 2) 6” x 8” cold-pressed sample sheets sent to you at no cost via US mail. This offer is only for US residents. The Collection watercolor paper is an acid-free, 100% cotton, vegan surface-sized, mould-made paper.
Click here for a demo video of these fine papers
Activities and Info
Local Colors of Utah, a co-op gallery located in Sugarhouse, Utah, has an open call for artists. Local Colors has a wide variety of 2-D art, including oil, watercolor and acrylic, and fractal and traditional digital photography, as well as metal sculpture, ceramics and fiber art. The gallery is also looking for artists working with glass.  Prospective artists should have a cohesive body of work, and be prepared to discuss their art with the acceptance committee, once application is accepted.  Application and more information can be seen on their website www.localcolorsart.com
Here are some of the things you will find on our site:
Click here for upcoming UWS Member Meeting information
Click here for UWS Member News
Click here for information about UWS workshops
Click here for information about UWS Cache Valley Chapter
Click here for non-UWS opportunities and information
Check back often for updated information on UWS activities, workshops, exhibitions, and more…

Mary Jane Wright Straight passed away on November 20, 2012. She was a dedicated art teacher, mentor, friend, and contributor to the Utah Watercolor Society.
The Utah Watercolor Society awards two scholarships to Utah high school students each year. Winners are selected from those students who are accepted to the annual
Springville Museum of Art High School Art Show.
In honor of Mary’s memory, the UWS has named our Scholarship Fund for her. A good way to remember Mary’s legacy and to encourage continued education in the arts is to contribute to the scholarship fund. Click the button below if you’d like to donate.
UWS Members: To be included in the UWS eblast, send your information with a relevant image to the Communications Chair at info@utahwatercolor.org before the 20th of each month to go out in the upcoming month’s eBlast and meeting reminder email.
Sons of Utah Pioneers Hall (map)
3301 E. Louise Ave (2920 S.)
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
First Tuesday of each month. 7-9 pm. (September – June)
The Utah Watercolor Society is funded in part by the residents of Salt Lake County through the Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) program. Your support matters. Thank you!
Shop www.smile.amazon.com for all of your regular Amazon purchases. Choose Utah Watercolor Society as your charity of choice and Amazon will donate a percentage of all your purchases to the UWS! Every little bit counts.
The Utah Watercolor Society (UWS) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of art through water media.  This email is for your Information.  Content and links do not necessarily constitute specific endorsement or sponsorship by UWS.

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