UWS presents the Stan Miller Workshop “Painting the Portrait and Landscape in Watercolor” Registration is Open

Internationally acclaimed Stan Miller Workshop “Painting the Portrait and Landscape in Watercolor” Registration is Now Open

This is a 5-day workshop: 

May 2 to 6, 2022

Daily from 9 am to 4 pm

Registration open for the UWS Spring 2022 Workshop with Stan Miller,
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from a master! Registration is limited.
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Contact the registration coordinator with any questions.
Sincerely,Melody Greenlief
Utah Watercolor Society
(801) 815-6679

Sons of the Utah Pioneers Building,
3301 E. Louise Ave., Millcreek, UT. 

Driving Directions

The workshop will have 24 or fewer students. The cost will be $495.00 for Members and $595.00 for non-members.

Stan Miller bio:

Stan Miller has been a professional painter in watercolor and egg tempera for more than thirty years. He has exhibited his paintings in numerous exhibitions, galleries and museums.
A signature member of the American Watercolor Society as well as an AWS award winner,
Stan Miller teaches workshops and classes in Spokane, the United States and around the world

Stan Miller’s description of the Workshop…

In this workshop, students can either work on just the portrait or just the landscape throughout the week.  Or they can work on both subjects.  Each day I will demonstrate, using a handout, a portrait and a landscape, guiding the students through the painting.  Students choose either the portrait or the landscape for each project.  Students are also welcome to work on their own projects.  In this workshop, we will address the importance of drawing, values, color, technique, and understanding design and composition.  Transitioning from realism to abstraction will be demonstrated and explained. Some experience in watercolor is required.  

Stan Miller Workshop Basic Supplies: 

Students have the option (nearly all students choose this option) of working from my handouts of portraits and landscapes. I guide them through each handout, doing one stage at a time. Students are also welcome to work on their own subjects from their own images. 

Here are the essential supplies: 

1 full sheet of Arches, 140 pound, cold press, watercolor paper. 

1 inch flat, wc brush

#6 round wc brush, or something close to that size. 

Masking tape. NOT THE BLUE TAPE. Regular cream-colored masking tape.

A kneaded eraser

Grocery store sponge for absorbing water

Container for water

A palette, not too small. A large white dinner plate would work, otherwise a purchased palette. 

Watercolor paints BRING TUBES OF PAINT: I recommend one strong red, a Quinacridone Rose, or Cadmium Red, or Winsor Red, or Alizarin Crimson. Also a strong blue: Phthailo or Prussian Blue (I use Grahams paints and use a Phthalocyanine Blue…thalo blue). Yellow: Cadmium yellow, or Hansa, or Azo yellow. I encourage titanium white. One could also have a black, or Payne’s gray. Other colors are welcome and helpful, but not required. 

I also encourage students to bring images of subjects they may wish to paint, not necessarily in the workshop, but in the future.

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