Utah Watercolor Society Cache Valley Chapter Summer Exhibition 2022

Summer 2021 Best of Show, “Barn” by Michelle Nixon
Please note: all entries must reflect the theme of Nature’s Best to be included

Calendar of Events
May 30 On-line registration opens
July 6th End of on-line registration
July 7th Noon-4 pm – Painting drop-off Stokes Nature Center
July 8th 12:00 pm Show opens
Aug 12th noon-5pm Show closes and pickup

Questions? Email or text Doyle Geddes 435-770-4538
email: doyle.geddes@ccsdut.org
We will be using ArtCall for this exhibition. If you have not used it, you will need to set up an account. Entries will submitted with JPEG photos.
For help, contact Doyle Geddes (435-770-4538) or Roxane Pfister (435-760-0917) for assistance with setting up your ArtCall account and uploading your photos. 
Exhibition Prospectus
UWS-CVC Summer Exhibition
Number of Entries: Members of UWS and members of UWS-CVC may submit two (2) entries. Each member may also bring up to 5 matted but unframed original or prints in cellophane envelope to be added to the “Flip Thru” Bin for purchase. Please write price on back. 

Professional Artist Category Definition Those who have an art degree, or teach art courses, or are represented by galleries or who derive $3,000 or more per year in art-earned income.
Amateur Artist Category Definition Individuals without art degrees who derive less than $3,000 in sales from their art work and are not represented in galleries nor teach art courses

Entry Fee:  $25 first entry; $15 for the second (Note no refunds will be issued once an entry is made.)
General Requirements: All paintings must hang for the duration of the show. (Exceptions will be made according to the needs of buyer)By entering this show, you grant permission for use of your artwork image for publicity purposes.
All work must be original, conceived and created by you. Photographic references used must be your own. No work produced under instruction or in a workshop is permitted. Copies of another artist’s work or recognizable use of copyrighted intellectual property is not permitted.
Paintings must have been completed within the past two years and not previously exhibited in a juried or judged exhibit sponsored by the Utah Watercolor Society
Water-based oils are not permitted. Work that is mixed media or collage must be at least 75% water-based media in conjunction with other media such as pastels, ink or other water media or collage materials. Any paintable, flat surface done in any water media is acceptable.  

Size and Format Requirements: Minimum size of work is 25 (5”x5”) square inches Including frame. Maximum size of work may be no larger than 320 square inches (20×16) including frame
Mats: Mats are optional. Mats that are used may be any color.
Frames and Glass: Gallery-wrap presentations are acceptable. All paintings must be ready to hang with wire supports. Hinge hangers rather than eye hooks are required.
Glass or plexiglass is acceptable when using frames, but not required for varnished pieces.
Stable backing material required for all works. 
Exhibition and Judging: UWS-CVC reserves the right to refuse, upon arrival, any piece for unacceptable quality or subject, improper framing or failure to comply with entry requirements. All entries must be for sale. Stokes Nature Center will charge a 30% commission on each piece sold. No changes in price are permitted after entry of your work. By entering into this Exhibition, the artist enters into a contract with Stokes Nature Center and the Cache Valley Chapter of the Utah Watercolor Society, which will be the acting agents for the sale of your artwork.
Note: While care is taken in handling entries and artwork neither UWS-CVC nor the exhibition venue are responsible for damage or loss of entries for any cause.  
Utah Watercolor Society | info@utahwatercolor.org | www.utahwatercolor.org
P.O. Box 581005
Salt Lake City, UT 84158-1005

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