UWS FYI eBlast June 2022

Utah Watercolor Society
June Blast

Lots of good stuff in this blast, so take a look!‌

by Sherry Meidell

It’s been a great year to be president of the Utah Watercolor Society. We’ve had amazing presenters at the member meetings; we’ve had talented national artists come in to do workshops and jury shows; we’ve had Carl Purcell and Sue Martin teach mini workshops. We’ve had great participation in shows from all of you members. We had an amazing amount of Utah artists get into Western Fed this year and win awards including Best of Show by Kristi Grussendorf. So a president can’t do it alone. There are so many hands that have chipped in to help this year. I am grateful for all the help that makes this Society so vibrant and such an advantage for the watercolor artists in our state. Thanks for the opportunity of joining such a long line of Presidents. I have an oil painting friend that is amazed at the organization of the watercolor society and wishes oil painters could have such a long lasting society.
Thanks to you all.

Here’s some more information: Those from the Salt Lake area can pick up their paintings from the Spring show (that are not traveling), at the member meeting June 7th.We are going to have food at the June 7th member meeting so come and enjoy and be ready to eat. No need to bring any food. The food will be provided.
Vaughn Emmett will talk to us about the changes in art call and how we can adjust our photos right on the Art Call app.
June 7th, 7 pm.
Sherry Meidell
YouTube channel President
Utah Watercolor Society.                        
Signature: National Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Utah Watercolor Societies

A message from our 2022-23 UWS President, Melody Greenlief

I hope everyone is looking forward to an amazing year with the watercolor society this year!
I am excited and looking forward to good things. UWS should be a place to make new friends and expand your talent. My greatest desire for the Watercolor Society is for everyone to feel like they belong and are accepted. It would be wonderful if everyone in the UWS were great friends and painting buddies. So at the next meeting try to find someone who looks lonely and introduce yourself, make a new friend. We all share a passion for watercolor and its ability to bring us joy, you know right there that we all have something in common. 
Thank you to all of our members for joining the UWS. It is a better place because of you, and special thanks to our members who serve as volunteers. If you have never volunteered, please consider being a volunteer, it is a great way to meet new people and make a difference in the UWS.
We are still looking for a Recording Secretary (hint hint) I am always open to suggestions as to how to make UWS better so feel free to contact me with any of your great ideas.
Happy Painting!
Melody Greenlief 801-815-6679
ArtistMelody.com Instagram @theartistmelodygreenlief facebook.com/TheArtistMelody/

June Closing Social June 7, 2022 7:00 pm at SUP Join us as we welcome Melody Greenlief as our new UWS President, and thank Sherry Meidell, our outgoing President for her fantastic service. Food will be provided, so come hungry!
Best of Show: Cheryl Sachse “Big and Chunky”
Congratulations to our Spring Open Exhibition award winners!
Click here to view the Spring Open Gallery

Best of Show: Cheryl Sachse “Big and Chunky”
First Place: Mariko Kowalski “Checkmate”
Second Place: Alisa Laporte “A Dream of Galaxies Beyond”
Third Place: Mariko Kowalski “Lily After Rain”
Honorable Mention: Pamela C. Simons “Floral Emergence”
Honorable Mention: Morgan McCue “Walking to the Farmstead” Honorable Mention: Kristi Grussendorf “Trek”
Honorable Mention: Lucy Beale Partridge “Festival”
Merchant Award: Kelly Holtman “Bagua Drizzle”
Merchant Award: Irene Rampton “The Plot Thickens”
Jurors Award: Wali Lewis “After Chagall”
WFWS 47 BEST OF SHOW! Kristi Grussendorf”Chloe’s Temptation”
Click here to see the WFWS 47 show
UWS was well represented at WFWS 47 with an amazing 12 entries accepted and six winning awards!Congratulations!
Grussendorf, Kristi – Chloe’s Temptation Best of Show
Kropp, Bradley – Where the Foam Goes Is Where the Fish Goes First Place
Ramsay, Ian – White Fleet, Hoquium, Washington Second Place
Nixon, Michelle – Boy Staring At Shape Land of Enchantment Award
Baron, Joyce – Eagles View David Gale Memorial Award
Reynolds, Colleen – Light Walkers Luminaria Award

Thanks to everyone who attended the Stan Miller Workshop
It was a great success!

2021 Small Works Exhibition Best of Show Ohana Hands
by Sherry Meidell Utah Watercolor Society

2022 Small Works Exhibition July 7-27Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City
Please note: All entries must reflecta Botanical theme to be accepted.

Special Considerations: All paintings must reflect the mission of Red Butte Gardens to “connect people with plants and the beauty of living landscapes.” Plants, flowers, trees or pollinators (butterflies, bees, dragonflies, hummingbirds) must play a significant role in the composition. Although persons/animals may be included in the image, the focal point must be botanical. Painting subject is not limited to the Utah landscape. 

Contact the exhibition chair for questions.
Paintings must follow the theme to be accepted.
Calendar of Events:
May 9 Online Registration opens
June 12 Last day for UWS Members to request image sizing assistance
June 15 Entry deadline by 8:00 pm including entry details, payment, and digital image
June 20 Accepted paintings notification via email
July 9 UWS Reception and Awards Ceremony, 3pm – 5 pm, Red Butte Gardens
July 27 Last day of exhibit
July 29 Pick up paintings Monday– 9 am – 12 noon, Red Butte Gardens
Click here for Registration and Prospectus
KEY DETAILS:All entries must reflect a Botanical theme.Deadline for entries: June 15 at 8:00 pm. Registration opens
Exhibition dates: July 7—July 27, 2022Exhibition venue: Red Butte Gardens, 9 am to 9 pm, seven days a week
Online entry only
“Special Considerations” must play a significant role in the composition (see below)
Original work only, completed within last two years. Water media on paper.All entries must be 144 square inches or less, including frame. Entries must be framed.
$12 per entry (up to 2) for UWS members.
No refunds for entries once received
Work must be for sale. (30% commission deducted from all sale.

Save the dates! Art and the Park, 2022
October 12-16 at Cougar Ranch, Torrey, Utah
Utah Watercolor Society
Cache Valley Chapter
Summer Exhibition 2022Nature’s Best

Summer 2021 Best of Show, “Barn” by Michelle Nixon

Please note: all entries must reflect the theme of Nature’s Best to be included

Calendar of Events
May 30th Online registration begins.
July 6th End of on-line registration
July 7th Noon-4 pm – Painting drop-off Stokes Nature Center,July 8th 12:00 pm Show opens
Aug 12th noon-5pm Show closes and pickup
Questions? Email or text Doyle Geddes 435-770-4538 email:  doyle.geddes@ccsdut.org
We will be using ArtCall for this exhibition. If you have not used it, you will need to set up an account. Entries will submitted with JPEG photos.
For help, contact Doyle Geddes (435-770-4538) or Roxane Pfister (435-760-0917) for assistance with setting up your ArtCall account and uploading your photos.
Click here to Register
Exhibition Prospectus
UWS-CVC Summer Exhibition
Number of Entries: Members of UWS and members of UWS-CVC may submit two (2) entries. Each member may also bring up to 5 matted but unframed original or prints in cellophane envelope to be added to the “Flip Thru” Bin for purchase. Please write price on back. 
Professional Artist Category Definition: Those who have an art degree, or teach art courses, or are represented by galleries or who derive $3,000 or more per year in art-earned income.
Amateur Artist Category Definition: Individuals without art degrees who derive less than $3,000 in sales from their art work and are not represented in galleries nor teach art courses
Entry Fee:  $25 first entry; $15 for the second (Note no refunds will be issued once an entry is made.)
General Requirements: All paintings must hang for the duration of the show.
(Exceptions will be made according to the needs of buyer)
By entering this show, you grant permission for use of your artwork image for publicity purposes.All work must be original, conceived and created by you. Photographic references used must be your own. No work produced under instruction or in a workshop is permitted. Copies of another artist’s work or recognizable use of copyrighted intellectual property is not permitted. Paintings must have been completed within the past two years and not previously exhibited in a juried or judged exhibit sponsored by the Utah Watercolor Society
Water-based oils are not permitted. Work that is mixed media or collage must be at least 75% water-based media in conjunction with other media such as pastels, ink or other water media or collage materials. Any paintable, flat surface done in any water media is acceptable.  

Size and Format Requirements: Minimum size of work is 25 (5”x5”) square inches Including frame.
Maximum size of work may be no larger than 320 square inches (20×16) including frame
Mats: Mats are optional. Mats that are used may be any color.
Frames and Glass: Gallery-wrap presentations are acceptable. All paintings must be ready to hang with wire supports.Hinge hangers rather than eye hooks are required.
Glass or plexiglass is acceptable when using frames, but not required for varnished pieces.
Stable backing material required for all works.

Exhibition and Judging:UWS-CVC reserves the right to refuse, upon arrival, any piece for unacceptable quality or subject, improper framing or failure to comply with entry requirements.All entries must be for sale.
Stokes Nature Center will charge a 30% commission on each piece sold.
No changes in price are permitted after entry of your work.By entering into this Exhibition, the artist enters into a contract with Stokes Nature Center and the Cache Valley Chapter of the Utah Watercolor Society, which will be the acting agents for the sale of your artwork.
Note: While care is taken in handling entries and artwork neither UWS-CVC nor the exhibition venue are responsible for damage or loss of entries for any cause.ART OPPORTUNITIESClick here to register

Learning opportunities with Kristi Grussendorf!
French Escapade She will do a two day Zoom paint along for French Escapade June 3rd & 4th.Link for Zoom paint-along

Brighton Days events in Big Cottonwood Canyon.The Utah Watercolor Society is cordially invited to participate in the Brighton Days events in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  

It would be an honor to have your time and talents on display at this event that honors the beauty and natural history of the canyon. The Brighton Institute sponsors Brighton Days. 

This year we will team up with the Wasatch Wildflower Festival to feature wildflower hikes, displays of wildlife, history, watershed, music, and kids’ crafts. We should gather a good-sized crowd!
SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2022 Brighton Center/Brighton Store
Set up between 9-10 am (but very flexible for painters)
Event begins at 10 am – Take down around 2 pm (flexible) Ability to sell paintings only at Brighton Store parking lot area due to US Forest Service regulations. Painters could paint anywhere and hand out a business card for people to contact later if they want to buy something, or painters could paint in the Brighton Store parking lot (a bit far from the main festival, but lots of crowds anyway).
SATURDAY, JULY 10, 2022 Solitude Village Set up between 9-10 am (flexible)
Event begins at 10 am – Take down around 2 pm (flexible)Ability to sell paintings at painting site. Solitude has given permission. Let us know if you can participate.
We don’t need firm numbers, but we hope you to know you are wanted!!Feel free to contact me or Steve Jorgensen. We both serve on the Brighton Institute Board of Directors.
Thank you for helping honor the natural history and beauty of Big Cottonwood.
 Sincerely, The Brighton Institute 
Steve Jorgensen 801.680.3060 stevecathy8@q.com
Barbara Cameron 801.694.9045 barbaracameron@hotmail.com
Come join us!

We are very excited about the June 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023 UWS year.
UWS membership registration is open

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