WFWS45 Call for Entries

Open to UWS Members!
Entries for WFWS 2020 are due January 10, 2020!

Pictured here: WFWS44 (2019) Accepted Entries from UWS Artists

UWS-CVC President’s Message Oct/Nov 2019

October??? How did that happen?? It seems like yesterday it was June! I hope that each of you have been using those brushes and dipping into your watercolors, even if just for a few minutes a day. The consistency makes a difference! Challenge yourself to tackle something that you struggle with. For me that would…

UWS Member News

UWS & UWS-CVC Member News   Andi Jorgensen has illustrated a children’s book!  After working on this for a year and a half her efforts can be appreciated and supported by purchasing this lovely little book on Amazon. The title is Oiseau: The Magical Bird (written by Debra Wosnik).   Bessann Swanson will be participating in…