2020 UWS Small Works Exhibition

Drop-off March 13 at Sego 3 Fine Arts Gallery
Exhibition dates: March 20 – April 15
Reception March 20, 6-8 PM
Pick -up April 16-17, 12-5 PM

UWS President’s Message Oct/Nov 2019

  Have the last few months been busy enough, especially with three exhibitions tumbling on top of one another?! You might have been painting like crazy, re-working like crazy, framing like crazy and dropping off/picking up like crazy, but exhibitions are one of the many motivating reasons to paint. Besides choosing mat color and frame…

UWS-CVC President’s Message Oct/Nov 2019

October??? How did that happen?? It seems like yesterday it was June! I hope that each of you have been using those brushes and dipping into your watercolors, even if just for a few minutes a day. The consistency makes a difference! Challenge yourself to tackle something that you struggle with. For me that would…