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The Utah Watercolor Society Mary Straight Scholarship Fund


Our dear Mary Jane Wright Straight passed away on November 20, 2012 surrounded by her children and their spouses. Mary was born to Clark and Elizabeth Wright in Price, Utah, on December 22, 1930. The third of four children, Mary grew up in Morgan, Utah, and graduated from Morgan High. After a time working for the California Dairy Council and Port of San Diego, she returned and completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah.

All those around her felt Mary’s love and creative gifts. She continued her work as an educator, taking an active role in her children’s schools and substitute teaching in the Salt Lake School District. She volunteered for decades as a Judge of Election. 

In the tradition of her father, Clark Wright, Mary was a passionate artist and teacher. As a painter, Mary worked with a variety of media to capture the people and places that she loved best. Many of her happiest memories and most inspired works were connected to the landscapes of Utah and the California coast. She was an active member of the Utah Watercolor Society and the Intermountain Society of Artists.

The Utah Watercolor Society is naming the Scholarship it gives each year at the annual Springville High School art show in Mary’s honor.  A good way to remember Mary’s legacy is to contribute to the scholarship fund.

If you would like to donate to the UWS Mary Straight Scholarship Fund, click the button below.

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UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2020 

The Springville Museum of Art’s Annual Utah High School Award Ceremony is always a great experience.  This year was no exception.  The art show highlights some of the state’s youngest and most promising artists. The quality of art being produced by Utah high school juniors and seniors is most impressive and inspiring.

Tamera Trotter and Tom Howard were honored to be in attendance this year to present awards on behalf of all UWS members.  Tom said a few words about our organization and the origination of the scholarship program.  He then announced the two award winners as they were individually called forward and presented with the award check along with their portfolios.  They were both beaming!

Thanks again to all of the great UWS members who support the Mary Straight Scholarship Program.  It is a wonderful thing that we can come together in encouraging young artists.

Congratulations to BOTH of our winners this year. 

UWS Scholarship Award 2020: “Saturday Morning” by artist Chloe Robinson from Taylorsville High
UWS Scholarship Award 2020:  “Amazed” by artist Aubrey Ellis from Timpview High School.
UWS-CVC Scholarship Award 2020:  Info coming soon

UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2019 

UWS Scholarship 2019_Hanna Bekkare (small)
UWS Winner 2019:  Hanna Bekkare “A Night In Tokyo”

UWS-CVC Winner 2019:  Allison Lippert

About UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2019:
Julie Ickes and Tamera Trotter had the pleasure of attending the Springville Museum of Art Utah-All State High School Awards Ceremony.  Julie made the introductions and Tamera was given the honor of presenting the Springville Art Museum Award to the Cache Valley recipient, Allison Lippert.  Tamera was excited to have the opportunity to share with attendees the highlights of our organization and to extend an invitation for artists to get involved in all that UWS has to offer.  Our Cache Valley chapter will present Allison Lippert with her award at their March meeting.
I really appreciate Tamera and Julie being able to be there for the awards ceremony, as my commitments prevented me from being there myself.  However, lucky me, on Wednesday February 27th, I made my way out to Tooele High School, where I had the privilege of presenting Hanna Bekarre with her scholarship award from our organization.  She was aglow with delight and expressed great appreciation for the recognition.  Her first comment was, “I’d better hurry and get this shipped home to France.”  Isn’t that great?  We’ve gone international with our scholarship award.  I’m sure her teacher, Ruth Nichols, a UWS member, will help her with that, as well as her host family.  A small group of students, as well as school faculty and administration were there to congratulate Hanna and cheer her on.
It’s a wonderful thing, this scholarship award that we put together each year, as an organization.  On behalf of our scholarship committee I extend my thanks to all of you, for your support and contributions to this cause.  It is done in the name of one of our great past members, Mary Straight, and I think she would be proud that we do this in her name.
It was our own incomparable Maura Naughton who first organized this annual event, and I’m honored that she entrusted me with the task.  As this is an on going annual program, we encourage all of you to be ready to help with the scholarship next year.  Cash donations are always welcome, as well as donations of art supplies that we can add to the portfolio.  This year saw some very thoughtful donations on the part of many members, and again we thank you, our great UWS members.
~Tom Howard, Scholarship Chair 2018-2019


UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2018  Awardees

2018 UWS Winner_Nicole Brooks_Wuffo or Bounce
UWS Winner:  Nicole Brooks “Wuffo or Bounce”
2018 UWS-CVC Winner_Serenity Burray_Halt
UWS-CVC Winner:  Serenity Burray “Halt”

UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2017

UWS Scholarship 2017_Refinery by Anna King
UWS Winner:  Anna King of Woods Cross High School  for Refinery

UWS Scholarship 2017_Old Time Blues by Danielle Dayley
UWS-CVC Winner:  Danielle Dayley of Sky View HIgh School for  Old Time Blues

UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2016

uws scholarship 2016_through the ages by beatrice heard

Through the Ages by Beatrice Hurd

Congratulations to Beatrice Hurd from West High School (UWS Winner) and Bailey Lowe from Skyview High School (UWS-CVC Winner), this year’s recipients of the UWS HS Scholarship award at the Springville Utah High School Art Show

UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2015


Congratulations to both these outstanding young artists!

White Teacup, watercolor, by Rylee Cracroft
Skyview HS, (UWS-CVC Winner)

uws scholarship 2015_white teacup by rylee cracroft

Follow the Golden Thread, mixed media, by Keira Stewart

Copper Hills HS, West Jordan (UWS Winner)
uws scholarship 2015_golden thread by keira stewart


UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2014

On Jan 28, Tom Howard, Kristi Grussendorf and Maura Naughton traveled to Springville Museum of Art to select this year’s Mary Straight Scholarship winners.  This was the toughest year ever as there were many fine watercolor paintings to select from.

Congratulations to our outstanding young artists selected this year!

UWS Scholarship 2014_Guidance by Chris McConkie
“Guidance” by Chris McConkie
– West High School – Salt Lake City (UWS Winner)

UWS-CVC Scholarship 2014_ABC Wall by Cierra West
“ABC Wall” by Ciera White
 – Skyview High School (UWS-CVC Winner) – Note: “ABC” stands for Already Been Chewed


UWS Mary Straight Scholarship 2013

UWS Scholarship 2013_Grapes by Mary Alice Abrams
“Grapes” by Mary Alice Abrams
of Olympus High School (UWS Winner)

UWS-CVC Scholarship 2013_Fish Girl by Hailee Cononico
“Fish Girl” by Hailee Cononico
of Weber High School (UWS-CVC Winner)

Congratulations to both awardees for their excellent watercolor paintings! These students received their awards at the Springville All State High School Show awards reception on March 16 at the Springville Museum of Art in Springville, Utah.
Thanks to all the UWS members out there who have contributed to the Mary Straight Scholarship fund.  She would be very pleased to see this year’s awardees.  We continue to build the UWS Scholarship fund and there is still time to give.