UWS Current Honorary Members

Honorary / Lifetime Membership:

May be granted by the Board of Officers to any person who has made a significant contribution to the Society or to the stature of watercolor as an art medium. Honorary Members are not required to pay dues and are lifetime members. Honorary Membership is awarded to the President upon completion of his/her term of office.

Current Honorary Members

Gayle Allen (Past President)
Emerette Atzet (Past President)
Joyce Baron (Past President)
Beverly A. Byington
Catherine Darling Hostetter (Past President)
Ken Davidson (Past President)
Ann Deweese (Past President)
Marian Dunn
Linda Flannery (Past President)
Jerry W. Fuhriman
Ann Galt (Past President)
Kristi Grussendorf (Past President)
Janice W. Hall (Past President)
Maggie Harrison
Kelly Holtman (Past President)
Tom Howard (Past President)
Julie Ickes (Past President)
Sylvia Larsen (Past President)
Mary Leaper (Past President)
Lester B. Lee
Roland Lee
Jennifer Love (Past President)
Jossy Lownes (Past President)
Sue Martin (Past President)
Nancy Maxfield Lund (Past President)
Shirley McKay Britsch (Past President)
Valaine Moffitt (Past President)
Maura Naughton (Past President)
Joy Nunn (Past President)
Roxane Pfister (Past President)
Carl Purcell
Mary Pusey
Ian Ramsay
Colleen Reynolds (Past President)
Suzanne Garff Reynolds (Past President)
Steven K. Sheffield (Past President)
Janice K. Slusser (Past President)
Karen Thorsen (Past President)
Sue Valentine (Past President)
Maurice Wyberg