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To be included in the UWS Member Gallery, make sure your membership is current and then email your bio, link to your website, and a photo of one of your paintings to info@utahwatercolor.org. Put “UWS Member Gallery” in the subject line of the email.

Gail Alger

gail alger_croton-creation

“Croton Creation” by Gail Alger

Website: GailAlgerFineArtStudioOnLine.com
Gallery: GailAlgerFineArtStudioOnLine.com
Email: gailalger123@msn.com

After retiring, Gail and her husband, Doug moved from the snow covered mountains to the red rock of southern Utah where they traded in their skis for hiking boots. What a surprise to discover such color and beauty in the desert. Gail began taking watercolor classes and was hooked. Gail continue to expand and develop as an artist but her passion at this point in her career is painting close up, bright, bold, colorful plants and flowers with a strong emphasis on detail and value contrast. Her goal as an artist is to catch the eye of the viewer from across a room and spark enough interest to take a closer look and perhaps bring a bit of nature’s beauty inside.

Marjorie T. Anderson

Marjorie t Anderson_sunshine-friends-2
“Sunshine Friends” by Marjorie T. Anderson
Marjorie Terburg Anderson’s interest in art began by watching her mother, a ‘Fine China’ artist and instructor, however;  she didn’t begin painting in earnest until most of her children were grown. In 1980 Marjorie created, produced, and sold a children’s game, “Choose A Way To Happiness”. Connie Neiman was the artist for the game board. This adventure triggered Marjorie’s further interest in art . In 1989 she began painting watercolors exclusively, which she loves for all the wonderful and exciting reasons every watercolorist knows. Marjorie is a signature member of the Utah Watercolor Society, served on the board, and exhibited in juried shows, as well as state and county fairs and the Murray City Arts exhibition.  She has studied with

Joyce Baron

Joyce Baron_layers of joy
“Layers of Joy” by Joyce Baron
“Layers of Joy” is a 22″ x 30″ acrylic painting on rough 300 lb watercolor paper. I love to paint and find great joy in expressing my feeling using bright vibrant colors! “Layers of Joy” is one of my latest creations.

Pam Baumeister

“AppleGinger” by Pam Baumeister
My mission is to help parents be present with their families to find deeper joy and avoid regret. By focusing on the happiness your own unique child brings, you renew your commitment to be present every day.

Jill Bliesner

jill bleisner_reluctant ballerina
“The Reluctant Ballerina” by Jill Bleisner
The beautiful Cache Valley and surrounding mountains have always been an inspiration to me. I am a Cache Valley native and received a BFA in painting from Utah State University. Using both watercolor and oil, I enjoy painting landscapes, particularly mountains, clouds and water. I also paint portraits, flowers, farm machinery and work at plein air painting. I enjoy photography, mixed media and cultivating a large perennial flower garden at my home in Nibley. I have been a member of the Cache Valley Chapter of the Utah Watercolor Society for many years and have served in various positions in this group.

Summer Borla

Summer Borla_Letter from the Front
“Letter from the Front” by Summer Borla
Letter From the Front, watercolor, 22″x30″ like many of my paintings bring back wonderful memories from my travels or life experiences.

Brienne M. Brown

Brienne Brown_On the Foothills
“On the Foothills” by Brienne M. Brown
I find beauty in everyday life, the so called “mundane.” Ordinary people going about their everyday lives inspire me. I especially enjoy painting en plein air, where each painting reminds me of where I was, of the experiences I had, the sounds, smells, and the people I met. As I try and capture the essence of a scene, my paintings are always more about a moment in time than about a particular location. I enjoy sharing how I see the world…

Brenda Brunello

Brenda Brunello_Falling Waters
“Falling Waters” by Brenda Brunello
Watercolor painting is the passion that has come slowly a day at a time, sometimes just a glorious moment when paints, brushes, water and paper evolve into something that brings a slow smile or a silly grin to my face. The experience is mystifying, gratifying and frustrating – sometimes all at the same time. The important part is to just keep putting brush and paints to paper and breathe in the experience and beauty of the surroundings that we all enjoy so very much.

Blaine Clayton

Blaine Clayton_web-brook
“Web Brook” by Blaine Clayton
I don’t know why I like to paint, I just do. I like to paint outside. I like to paint inside.I like to paint with other artists. I like to paint alone. I like to paint people, object,and landscapes. I like to paint.and I like to teach others how to paint

Susan Douglas

UWS_Member Gallery_Sue Douglas_Coral Flame Tree Blossom_smaller
I have spent most of my life in Cache Valley and the Salt Lake Valley. I never tire of our gorgeous landscapes. I love art and I love watercolors.

Marian Dunn

Still Growing  wc 9.8x13.5  2014

“Still Growing II” by Marian Dunn
Website: http://www.tomplummergallery.com/marian-dunn-1/
Email: marian@mariandunngallery.com

Marian Dunn has been a UWS member since its beginning. She teaches in SLC in her home studio and also has taught workshops in Europe as well as in the US. She paints in most media and teaches mostly watercolor and acrylic painting indoors–outdoors anything goes. She has an eclectic style as she enjoys many kinds of subject matter. Marian is always seeking new experiences in art and seeks to pass that on to her students also.

Blake Elison

Blake Elison Timpanogos Rising
“Timpanogos Rising” by Blake Elison
While just a boy I watched my father dabble in watercolor on the kitchen table and
grew to love its delicate, loose qualities. Because I enjoyed drawing and painting,
I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in the arts. I attended Brigham Young University
and received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design in 1988. I have worked in the graphic arts
field for more than twenty years, all the while realizing in the back of my mind that I
would one day return to painting again.

Reida Fillmore

Reida Fillmore_coffee_break
“Coffee Break” by Reida Fillmore
I have been creating in one way or another all of my life. And now, after raising 7 children and following my Air Force husband around the world for 24 years, I find myself living in a house full of plants and animals, with a big garden, and a bit of time for art.
I attended Brigham Young University, majoring in Fine Art. I also got my BA in illustration from Utah State University. I currently belong to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the Utah Watercolor Society.

Ann Galt

Ann Galt_Willie III
“Willie III” by Ann Galt
What catches my eye? I gravitate toward nature and gestures. Capturing my awe, the feeling of the moment, the humor, the essence of the place or object at a brief point in time; this is my goal. Watercolor adds to the sense of time…changing, flowing, creating.

Kristi Grussendorf

Kristi Grussendorf_london-masstransit
“London Mass Transit” by Kristi Grussendorf
It wasn’t exactly love at first sight with watercolor. Our first interactions were pretty awkward but I was fascinated & challenged! I admit that I was a bit controlling in the beginning. As our relationship grows, though, I’ve learned to step back & just appreciate the amazing qualities of watercolor. I’ve also learned a lot about life from watercolor – patience, gratitude, humility & joy in just being together. My passion for watercolor just continues to grow!

Rebecca Hartvigsen

Rebecca Hartvigsen_Pansy Patch
“Pansy Patch” by Rebecca Hartvigsen
Website: RebeccaHartvigsenFineArt.com
Gallery: Southam Gallery
Email: beckywh@comcast.net
There is no greater joy than to bring happiness into someone’s life. One way I can do that is with my art. It is important for me to be able to see the beauty around me and transfer that onto paper or canvas. Something someone can take into their home and look at each day making it a better world for them. And hopefully for me.

Tom Howard

Tom Howard_distant-butte
“Distant Butte” by Tom Howard
I love watercolor. Still, for me the key is drawing skill. As one develops drawing skill they can apply it to any medium they may choose to work in. It is the understanding and insight that come through drawing that helps me to work both in an abstract and representational manner. John Salminen say, “value does the work and color gets the credit.” I find myself say, drawing does the work and watercolor gets the credit.

Douglas Hyldahl

Douglas Hyldahl_cobblestone road
by Douglas Hyldahl
Enjoy doing portraits, just need experience.

Willamarie Huelskamp

Willamarie Huelskamp_Red_Red_Dress
“Red Red Dress” by Willamarie Huelskamp
All of my paintings begin the same way, a ritual of collage onto canvas or paper. Next I layer transparent paint, poured, spattered and brushed. After days of layering paint and collage I set a painting on my easel, turning it this way and that; I look into the chaos of color until I begin to see an image. Every painting tells me what it wants to become. Beginning with chaos and confusion, I work toward clarity. Each painting is a journey and each contains a lesson for me. I am so grateful

DeAnna Hulme

Deanna Hulme_Orphan Girl_b
“Orphan Girl” by DeAnna Hulme
This watercolor art was done from a photograph I took of my granddaughter who got her shirt stuck on her head. I thought she looked like a cute little orphan girl.

Kary Johansson

“Old Cobblestone Road” by Kary Johansson
Kary Johansson_old cobblestone road
Kary Johansson is a self taught watercolor artist, since the moment he picked up his first pencil and held his first paintbrush he new art would play a major part of his life. A Utah native, he grew up painting the beauty of his surroundings.

John Kjar

I just started doing portraits about 6 months ago and fell in love with it.

Mariko Kowalski

“Classic Coming of Age” by Mariko Kowalski

Mariko was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. She received her BS degree in Graphic Design at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan, and received her Master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts in Visual Design. She worked as an Illustrator and a Graphic Designer in Tokyo for 10 years before moving to Utah. She started transitioning her work to a fine arts career in 2006.  She soon discovered that Japanese watercolor paints were able to capture her imagined creations more purely.  Combining her history of western paintings with a Japanese background, her paintings express a cultural fusion of both styles.  She specialized in the beauty embedded within nature.  This includes subjects such as blooming flowers, wild birds, and Japanese scenery.

Website: marikoartstudio.com

Artwork Title: Classic Coming of Age

Sylvia Larsen

Sylvia Larsen_Still a Classic
“Still a Classic” by Sylvia Larsen
Gallery: 829 Whitaker Dr
Email: syli39@gmail.com
Love to paint. It’s so much fun to see and practice all the many ways and techniques of watercolor.

Roland Lee

Roland Lee_sands-of-time
“Sands of Time” by Roland Lee
Roland Lee is an active watercolor landscape painter and signature member of the National watercolor society. He has been featured in ArtistÂs magazine, Drawing Board magazine, Art West magazine, Western Art Collector and in several books including the Splash series from Northlight books. He has taught workshops throughout America and taught art at Dixie State College of Utah. His original paintings are in over 1000 museum, university, national Park, and private collections worldwide.

Rebecca Livermore

16-28 Canyonlands Chroma 3 best
“Canyonlands Chroma” by Rebecca Livermore
I paint to celebrate the beauty I see in the world and wherever I go, I see future paintings. A former graphic designer, I “design” my compositions and use vivid pigments to emphasize the most appealing characteristics of my subjects. My watercolor paintings have won numerous local, regional and national awards, including four Utah Watercolor Society Best-of-Show Awards. I’m represented by Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City and LaFave Gallery in Springdale, Utah

Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love_A Patchwork Fall
“A Patchwork Fall” by Jennifer Love
I try to approach and complete each painting with boldness, being unafraid to make mistakes. Life is about mistakes! It’s about learning and growing as we go. I feel that art, like a person, should be always working towards improvement. For me, art is the expression of self rather than a reflection of the world. Each new painting I create is a small piece of the puzzle that is me. In the end, if I am lucky, I will end up with a masterpiece!

Ralph Edwin (Eddi) Malloy

Eddi Malloy_Entrada Sunset
“Entrada Sunset” by Eddi Malloy
Such a joy to paint and express ones inner feelings on just a piece of paper!

Sue Martin

Sue Martin_Playing with Fruit 1 (Pears on a Plate)
“Playing with Fruit 1 (Pears on a Plate” by Sue Martin
My work is inspired by the people, places and things that evoke memories. Just as memories are many-layered (what we were told, what we actually recall, and the bits we’ve forgotten), my paintings are many-layered, sketchy, ambiguous. I work in watercolor, acrylic, and a mixture of drawing materials. I have been painting since high school, but more seriously in the past 18 years. I went back to college in 2009 for my third degree – a Bachelor of Fine Arts – which I completed in 2013

Terese Martinez

Terese Martinez_Ferris Wheel
“Ferris Wheel” by Terese Martinez
I paint primarily in watercolor, although I have recently started attempting mixed media and collage. I currently have a painting in the Spring Exhibition that will also be traveling with the Utah Arts Council’s traveling Exhibition. I enjoy painting landscapes and animals.

Nancy Maxfield-Lund

Nancy Maxfield Lund_Window Pane Poppies
“Window Pane Poppies” by Nancy Maxfield Lund
I paint. It’s my journey and I love it. It makes me happy and keeps me sane. Take a look and see if it makes you happy too! Thanks. 

Sherry Meidell

Sherry Meidell_Wolf Watchers
“Wolf Watchers” by Sherry Meidell
There is a story telling quality to painting. You take a sheet of high quality watercolor paper and watch magic happen. With a splash of paint and a lift of brush you turn it into a person, a place, or an experience. The viewer brings their own back ground and life to the painting as they view it. It can touch something deep within the painter and the viewer.
Sherry Meidell loves to tell stories with paint. Signature member of the National Watercolor Society & Utah Watercolor Society.

Deena Riley Millecam

Deena Millecam_aspens-in-fall
“Aspens in Fall” by Deena Millecam
Website: Deena.fineartstudioonline.com
Gallery: Gallery 35, Red Cliff Gallery
Email: deena.millecam16@gmail.com
The joy of painting super exceeds so many minuscule tasks in life. Brushes and paints sit quietly waiting while chores take precedence. Resolve: Chores wait. Brushes and paints are dancing and flowing as each day fulfills creative juices. So don’t come visit at my house!

Joy Nunn

Joy Nunn_Tree Visual Conversation 1
Tree Visual Conversation 1″ by Joy Nunn
Website: www.artatthemain.com
Gallery: Art at the Main
I discovered that I love to paint. I love getting lost in what I am doing, I like to be in that zone of not knowing about anything around me, and of time standing still while I explore endless variations created by applying paint to paper. Watercolor is my favorite medium, and color is my love. I use bright, bold, and brilliant color in all that I do. I paint what I think is interesting, or is a personal challenge, and do my best to create the essence of my subject. My brushwork varies from tight to loose, but the interpretation is generally realistic. Happily, my pursuit of artistic expression is a lifelong adventure of what may be possible, and one that has already given back its greatest reward, the ability to see things in a different way.

Mari O’Brien

Mari Obrien_The Rising
“The Rising” by Mari O’Brien
Until 9 years ago, I was a liberal arts academic not doing art at all. These days I work in acrylic, collage, and mixed media. I paint in a primarily intuitive, adventurous, and experimental way, resulting in abstract or non-representational pieces, using multiple layers and creating a rich, complex tapestry. For me, a successful painting evokes an emotional response on the part of the viewer, even when no identifiable subject is depicted. I am grateful for my life in art!

Manelle Oliphant 

I love painting fantasy and historical subjects that bring enchantment to life. I attended BYU-Idaho where I got my BFA in illustration. Since then I have illustrated over 10 children’s books. I live in Salt Lake City with my husband.

Neena Plant

Neena Plant_wheel of fire
“Wheel of Fire” by Neena Plant
Neena Plant is a lifelong artist, working in watercolor & acrylic with her own photos as subject matter & as photographic art in their own right. Her subject-matter choices are varied, from floral to figurative, landscape to the imagined. Neena is a third generation native of Salt Lake City, a second generation artist, and the first watercolorist in her family. Watercolor has been Ms. Plant’s medium of choice since the mid 80’s.

Carl Purcell

Carl Purcell_the-twinkle
“The Twinkle” by Carl Purcell
I love watercolor and I love teaching. My art and my teaching are a reflection of my life-long pursuit of understanding how we actually see the world around us as opposed to how we understand it. Watercolor allows me to respond spontaneously to the thousands of visual ideas that cross my path, and teaching gives me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people who share my passion for art.

Mary Pusey


“Gossiping” by Mary Pusey

I love to paint! I began painting when I took an inservice class as a teacher. I liked it so much, I have painted ever since. I love painting the outdoors. Wherever I travel I take a painting kit. Taking photos is great, but the fresh paintings I bring home are a truer representation of the scene than the photos. My paintings reflect my visual impressions, not necessarily what is actually there. I love painting our National Parks, and scenes from other countries that I have visited. en plein air painting has become addictive. I am grateful for the new “family” painting has brought to my life.

Hadley Rampton

Hadley Rampton_Adhan At Dusk Istanbul
“At Dusk, Istanbul” by Hadley Rampton
During my undergraduate years, I had the privilege of studying Art in Florence, Italy. My love for aged street scenes, steeped in history, began then. I have since traveled over seas nearly every spring to explore cities and towns, take in the various cultures and, most importantly, paint. I think of all that has passed since their first foundations were laid, all the people who have walked in my steps. It isn’t just a street I paint but a window through time.

Dianne Siegfreid

Diane Seigfried_White horse

“White Horse” by Dianne Siegfreid

Email: dsiegfreid@gmail.com

I am inspired as I watch how pigment, paper and water can play together. Despite earning degrees in the sciences and working years as a professional educator, trainer and administrator, upon my retirement I asked to be introduced to watercolor. What a delightful relationship it’s been ever since. The new network of friends and colleagues I’ve met through the UWS, both CVS and SLC chapters has been inspirational and highly instructional. The world is full of everyday wonders and I find myself inspired to portray some of those wonders through my personal filter of color, value and shape. Hopefully my interpretations can bring enjoyment to others as well.

Steven K Sheffield

Steve Sheffield
by Steven Sheffield
About the Artist: Painting and drawing have been a part of my life from an early age, only once on my mother’s walls. I have a BA in American Studies and Painting from BYU and a MBA from Utah State University. My work changes, often. He has exhibited in numerous shows, receiving many awards, including 5 ‘Best of Show’s’. He is a signature member, and past co-chairman of the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, and is a lifetime-honorary member and past president of the UWS.

Sandy Sleeper

Sandy Sleeper_Firehole River Falls
“Firehole River Falls” by Sandy Sleeper
I’ve been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. After several classes with George Dibble at the U of U, I fell in love with watercolor. Using light and color to portray the essence of a landscape is one of my goals while capturing the changing light and mixed textures of water, sky, and land. Sharing that experience with someone else is what painting is all about.

Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone_Rocky Sunset
“Rocky Sunset” by Jessica Stone
I had been drawn to art since the beginning of my life, but only in my mid-life have I found the courage, passion and steadfastness to be an artist. I shift between my left and right brain as I paint. This dual modality nature of my creativity influences my technique. My intention is to create a flow: from my heart, to the painting, to a viewer’s heart and then to pay forward their support by giving back to wildlife funds thus creating a full circle.

Bessann Swanson

Bessann Swanson_Moove along
“Mooove Along” by Bessann Swanson
What a beautiful world we live in, delights for the senses as we encounter nature. My enjoyment of the outdoors motivates me to capture it, to hold onto it, to celebrate peace and beauty there. My representation of nature in my paintings can never represent it well enough, but each painting is a new fun challenge. I don’t paint full time for I work in health care and life is always busy, but it’s with my paints where I can relax and be restored.

Kathy Sutherland

Kathy Sutherland_Seek and Go Hide
“Seek and Go Hide” by Kathy Sutherland
I like to paint what I feel. Usually, an image of something catches my eye, like a tree root or a feather whirling in a dust devil. If a feeling is stirred in me, I know there’s a painting waiting to unfold. I rely on metaphor to express emotion. As a result, the paintings are a little mysterious.
I have been teaching for over 25 years. Art instruction has been a joy and a very fulfilling profession.

Brenda Thomas

Brenda Thomas_Roses Two
“Roses Two” by Brenda Thomas
I feel so blessed to live in this beautiful and diverse land; to see wild animals on a daily basis; and to live with my horses. It all shows up in my paintings, it is what I love.

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas_parisian-spring

“Parisian Spring” by Emily Thomas

Website: EmilyThomasFineArt.com

Gallery: EmilyThomasFineArt.com
Email: emilythomas0715@gmail.com

I teach art to students, all day every day; but lately I have felt like I need to dedicate more time to doing my own art. I went to Snow College on an art scholarship right out of high school and graduated with a graphic design/illustration degree from the Utah Valley University where I enjoyed drawing, painting, and computer classes but over the past four or five years, I have fallen in love with watercolor. I love the transparency of it, and how it moves across the page with a mind of its own, and how happy I feel when I get into my studio with an empty watercolor sheet staring up at me, a good song playing on the radio, and nothing but time to paint, paint, paint.

Toni Youngblood

Toni Youngblood_Pisces Girl
“Pisces Girl” by Toni Youngblood
I’ve drawn and painted since before I can remember and earned a B.A in Painting from California State University, San Jose where I studied with Maynard Dixon Stewart, son of LeConte Stewart. I earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington and for twenty-five years I have practiced in the field. Though I maintain an interest in design, I enjoy the full-time focus of free-flowing paint using encaustic, acrylic and watercolor full time.

Setsuko Yoshida

Setsuko Yoshida_nightsailing370
I am interested in spiritual dimension of watercolor painting. My inspirations come mainly from the poems of 13th century mystic poet, Rumi, and also Zen master’s poems such as Dogen etc. I am also inspired by the feature of nature. I would like to explore the diverse expression of forms and colors with watercolor in this regard.

Julie Wissler

Julie Wissler_derailed-julie-wissler
“Derailed” by Julie Wissler
Art has taught me to really see what I’m looking at. Having the opportunity to translate that to a photo or painting makes life joyful. We live in a beautiful and diverse state, that inspires me daily. I work in watercolor and oil mediums.. My education in art included a year of foundation art at the University of Utah, 15 years of weekly classes at the Peterson Art Center and numerous workshops. I’ve won 1st and 3rd place the last two years at the Utah State Fair, amateur division.

Joan Zone

“Consternation” by Joan Zone
Capturing in a whimsical way the emotional essence of a subject is what I strive to do.